Brooklyn Bridge Park Needs Spring Cleaning Help

Want some exercise? Like being outdoors in nice (we hope!) weather? Want to help ready Brooklyn Bridge Park for the new season? Volunteer to help with the Park’s “Spring Spruce Up and Cutback”:

Volunteers will cut back overwintered grasses and perennials, remove winter debris, and tidy up planting beds. It’s a huge horticultural task and the perfect way to help out at the park while observing the first signs of spring. Tools and gloves will be provided.

If you’d like to participate, please register here; if you’re already registered, please log in here.

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  • DockBlocked

    Yes i am rich foreign investor that is coming to visit my vista of the bridge from my terrace. Please have your volunteers clean up my park before i get there so i dont have hear the ruckus. And please dont come to my park when i am there.

  • Mini_Cooper

    This is a golden opportunity for those who like and use the park.

  • Rick

    Like DockBlocked, I noticed that my first response to this request was mild hostility, too.

    So another sad result of having the park administrators assist the hotel and condos to grow so high is that I now have little inclination to help with the park.

  • Peter F

    But does your peeve at a hotel and condos barely 5 feet higher than the Cold Storage Warehouses they replaced mean that you have no feeling for the 100,000s of Brooklyn, NYC, U.S.A. and foreign visitors who enjoy this Park every spring, summer and fall — and treasure the lawns and flowers and shrubbery and trees which now ornament our 1.3 miles of East River waterfront?

  • Rick

    “Peeve”? You do enjoy being condescending, don’t you?

    But in your zeal to minimize the issue I addressed, you failed to ask the right question.

    Your question should have read “Is it justified to have some anger when vital oversight of a parcel of land that is a national treasure was neglected by the BPP (whether intentionally or through neglect), resulting in real and meaningful harm?

    Harm that affects not only the Brooklyn Heights community, but also the “100,000s of Brooklyn, NYC, U.S.A. and foreign visitors” who will have to now navigate around a behemoth of a hotel/condo complex that has been allowed to mar an otherwise exquisite plot of land.

    And the answer is, “Yes, it most certainly is justified”.

  • GHB

    How about anybody who bought into the “Monstrosity on the Park” pay for the cleanup on their dime?

  • ClaudeScales

    Peter F: what’s your source for the “barely 5 feet higher”? If you look at photos taken from similar locations on the Promenade, you can see that the difference is much greater. Are you ignoring the “mechanicals” and the change in the base from which the new building’s height is measured?

  • Park volunteer

    I think this is a nice opportunity to help out at a park that I enjoy several times each week. Let’s hope the weather’s good and that the other volunteers are fun and outgoing.

  • dumbfounded

    BBP volunteers can easily do without someone who exudes hostility like you.

  • DoBro84

    While I won’t be able to participate this year I can say our family is always grateful and are proud to have been charter members of the Conservancy

  • Rick

    When the people at the top of any enterprise take actions that hurt the very thing they are supposed to be protecting, it tends to diminish enthusiasm for helping out by those who are disappointed in their behavior.

    And that is a shame.

    That was my initial point, and if you want to characterize it as exuding hostility, that’s your right.

    Just as it is your right to make your comments as a guest, so that no one can know anything about who you are.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    And Brooklyn Heights residents can easily do without someone like you. The hostility is justified — this community is treated like dirt. I, for one, wouldn’t help a Park that makes profits for the real estate industry and ignores everything the local population says.

  • MonroeOrange

    5 feet higher? measure it again

  • johnny cakes

    @Dumbfuked: Kiss my rosey, red, Spring-butt with your righteous,
    condescending attitude. Clean your own effen yard.

  • johnny cakes

    @Pv: You do it yourself. Fool.

  • TeddyNYC

    I think you’re wrong about the “barely 5 feet” estimate. Do you have a source for that?

  • Arch Stanton

    Hummm… the $70 million a year park maintanance budget can’t cover basic landscaping… better build more condos.