Here’s a UPS Fail in Brooklyn Heights – Has This Happened to You?

Imagine my surprise when I came home today to see a UPS package for Mrs. Fink thrown in with some garbage. Well, that’s messed up, eh? Even more messed up is that the UPS delivery person MEANT to do that.

Check it out:


UPS tweeted to me that they’re “sorry”.

Have you had a delivery misfire like this? Or this?

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  • Bongo

    Without doubt the best UPS (don’t get me started on FedEx) delivery guy I’ve had in NYC. Good luck to him in Maspeth.

  • Brixtony

    We kept getting packages with the word “Izzy” on the label. I wondered how they knew the name of my dog. Then the two Izzies met and it was all cleared up. A nice guy.

  • rocco

    I love a good stollen