Here’s a UPS Fail in Brooklyn Heights – Has This Happened to You?

Imagine my surprise when I came home today to see a UPS package for Mrs. Fink thrown in with some garbage. Well, that’s messed up, eh? Even more messed up is that the UPS delivery person MEANT to do that.

Check it out:


UPS tweeted to me that they’re “sorry”.

Have you had a delivery misfire like this? Or this?

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  • miriamcb

    We used to have a hiding spot with our UPS guy under the stairs, but inside the building…Now we just call in to the local distribution center if there is an issue and speak with one of the route managers.

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    In one of my family’s building we have two people
    Who have their prescriptions and nutrients delivered
    By UPS. Twice they left the packages which are
    Clearly marked, on the hallway RADIATOR!!!

  • Bongo

    There’s been some turnover in the UPS guys delivering in the Heights recently. Quality of service and care of packages has definitely fallen off. Miss our regular guy. Was John the bald guy?

  • Mini_Cooper

    No. Most definitely NO. Our UPS guy Fred is the absolute best.

  • DIBS

    I remedied these issues by cutting off the top uppermost section of the iron gate below the stoop so that most packages could be put inside.

    Seriously, Homer, what do you propose they do with them if you have no place they can be put? At least he left the delivery slip and wrote where it was. And, more importantly, why have you left a bag of garbage there??????

  • A Neighbor

    Yes, we had a brilliant UPS man — who lost out to Sandy and moved to Florida. He always put small packages thru the gate and left larger ones down the steps by the garbage cans — sometimes in an empty one — with a note in the mail slot. Unless the weather was bad. Never had a problem. And very much appreciated his efforts.

  • peterbrooklyn

    Maybe that was the safest place to put it. Nobody was home, there it’s less visible to street traffic, and they seem to have told you on the note where it was.

    (Related) John was great, that’s true. But Claudine is also very good. It’s not an easy job, especially on frigid days like today.

  • Carlotta

    A fellow named John has been and still is, our delivery guy. He’s as nice as can be and we never have any problem with delivery.

  • miriamcb

    That was John!

  • neighblr

    A few months back we got this delightful delivery on Pierrepont Street from the USPS…

  • BrooklynBugle

    No, it’s not an entryway. It’s at best a locked and dusty service entrance. Anyone with their glands connected can see that. UPS has responded and the local route manager left me a message. DEVELOPING…

  • ShinyNewHandle

    I’m a bit confused. So, someone was home but the carrier didn’t bother waiting for them? And the carrier assumed you had the key handy to the service entrance? What normally happens at your place? Inquiring minds…

  • BrooklynBugle

    Someone is usually in one of the apts. UPS dude rings all bells. They leave package inside door. That door is not an entrance, hasn’t been in any of our lifetimes.

  • LoveLaneLovely

    Actually, I have always found the UPS delivery people to be pretty thoughtful – really trying to get packages to people they knew were waiting for them. Rather than a public brouhaha a private note to your delivery person might have been the solution.

  • Fritz

    What about asking for delivery by USPS, who have access to your mailbox?

  • LoveLaneLovely

    John was great and we miss him, too !

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Ah! I hope it all gets straightened out…

  • Stepz2dprom

    Sorry about missing John..We got Freddy the UPS man covering for us on Remsen Street….
    He’s the best!

  • ltap917

    Well, at least it wasn’t stolen.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    How do we know it wasn’t stollen?

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    The thing to do is to complain to the route supervisor
    Find what route you’re on and find who is the supv.
    And claim, follow up with a picture and e mail it.
    And threaten to go higher if the behavior doesn’t

  • ltap917

    It’s obvious that you haven’t even bothered to read the story or you would not be asking such a “clueless” question.

  • DIBS

    He’s been polishing his “handle.”

  • Hicksanthrope

    LOVED John and miss him too!!!

  • miriamcb

    I think our UPS guy actually has a key to our building and I’m pretty sure John had keys to our building too. You could go that route…

  • BrooklynBugle

    Puns are the lowest form of pastry.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Cinnamon puns, honey puns, hot cross puns… so very low.

  • HicksOnHicks

    good one

  • Andrew Porter

    Izzie (bald head), originally from Montenegro, was the guy delivering in the North Heights for several years. His truck was #166705. He has now graduated to working inside the UPS warehouse in Maspeth, and has been replaced on that route.

  • Andrew Porter

    Home sPun humor…