Give the Gift of Movies Filmed in Brooklyn Heights

Stuck on what to get your Brooklyn Heights obsessed friend/family member for the holidays this year? Or wondering what entertainment you can offer your Thanksgiving guests? Behold! Our list of films shot in Brooklyn Heights – you can sit around the flat screen and marvel at the local sights included in each.

Here’s our list (feel free to add more in the comments below):

It’s arguably the most well know movie shot in Brooklyn Heights. Take the opportunity to shout out – “hey look that’s where Jack the Horse is now!” while watching the flick with friends. And also pour one out for the “Moonstruck tree”.

The Sentinel
Where 10 Montague Terrace plays a crucial and SPOOKY role.

No Reservations
This romp featuring Catherine Zeta-Jones includes locations like 8 Montague Terrace.

Age of Innocence
The Scorsese classic features 32 Remsen Street.

Three Days of the Condor
The classic thriller features scenes outside 175 Remsen, as well as Cranberry Street between Willow and Columbia Heights.

Prizzi’s Honor
The classic mob tale was shot on Pierrepont Place as well as at 57 Montague Street.

Taxi Driver in Brooklyn Heights

Taxi Driver
You talkin’ to me? Well – SPOILER ALERT – the climax of this classic on Cadman Plaza West near Park Plaza Diner.

Villachi Papers
This thriller features Cranberry Street between Willow and Hicks.

Clooney on the 24 Middagh Street stoop while filming “Burn After Reading”

Burn After Reading
This Coen Brothers vehicle saw Brooklyn Heights doubling for Washington D.C. George Clooney wooed the crowds of fans who flocked to the area to watch the filming at locations mostly in the North Heights.

Delivery Man crew at Plymouth Church Playground in 2012. Photo: Chuck Taylor/BHB

Delivery Man
This sort of watchable Vince Vaughn comedy took over much of the North Heights while filming here in 2012.

Winter’s Tale
The very critically unacclaimed Colin Farrell flick turned Hicks Street and Brooklyn Heights into a Winter Wonderland back in 2012.

The Immigrant
Starring French actress Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix, the 2013 film set in 1920 about two girls from Poland in search of a new start and the American dream.

The Wolf of Wall Street
Leonardo DiCaprio shot a scene for the film here in 2012.

They Came Together
The Paul Rudd/Amy Poehler comedy shot here in 2012 and folks lined up to watch filming at the Clark Street Tazza.

For Pete’s Sake
Streisand and a herd of cattle romp through the neighborhood in this madcap comedy.

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  • Henry North

    I once saw a 60’s film noire that featured a scene in the Clark st. station, at the St. George, where the main character ran down the stairs to the subway. (so it was pre-elevator, I guess) The rest of the film was largely set in Bay Ridge. It wasn’t a great film, but had a lot of Brooklyn locations. Anyone know the name?

  • Avery

    I’ll never forget the filming of ‘I am Legend’ with all the helicopters circling the Brooklyn Bridge! Kept me up all night. Will Smith, glad that movie was good as I was not a happy camper the night of shooting.