George Clooney in Brooklyn Heights

burn after reading 352.JPG

BHB Newshound “Jenni” sent in these photos of America’s sweetheart, George Clooney, on Middagh Street today.  He’s here filming Burn After Reading. But you knew that already.

georgeclooney and ethan coen.JPGburn after reading 372.JPGburn after reading 353.JPGburn after reading 356.JPGburn after reading 3451.JPGburn after reading 368.JPG

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  • beach lady

    Mmmmm…. I may have to take a walk up there…..

  • beth

    Please let him remain there until I get home from work.

  • Cranky

    He is rather fetching.

  • elizabells

    I wandered over there a few minutes ago- but it was just as the schools were letting out and there were too many childrens around to see anything… durn childrens…

  • beach lady

    Too late… clooney already left (and I missed him).

    Stand in was there and could easily be mistaken for him from a distance…..

    the stunt double should be there too….. I didn’t get a glimpse of him.

  • Wallard

    I saw Malkovich shaving with a Norelco outside a trailer on Cadman Plaza by the High Street subway station Monday morning. Fortunately, he didn’t recognize me and just went about grooming himself.

  • embee

    Did anyone see the anticipated car crash scene being filmed?

  • bhb reader

    Just got my son from PS8 … the crew was all packed up and done for today (4:45) … kid reported that the crew brought cooies to the kids who were outside (and the school offered its bathrooms to the crew all day!) and the kids were allowed to watch filming of the crash!

  • Homer Fink

    send crash pics!

  • beth

    Heeee I heard someone from the Busy Chef this evening say that they had sent cookies down to the shoot — sounds like they passed them off to the kids. Insert your own joke.

  • diana

    i work @ salon van sickel he was right in front of my shoppppp… everyone come in and meet the can sickel stafff… george used the bathroomm.. also we have great reviews on citysearch… mwahhhhhh

  • Jaclyn

    Brad Pitt on State Street between Clinton and Court at 9am this morning!!! Although they changed the street signs to read 30th and M!!

  • CarrollGardener

    Location is standing in for DC. There’s a fake Virginia cab parked on State, too. Supposedly shooting rain scenes tomorrow.