Open Thread: Best Daycare Center In Brooklyn Heights

Last week’s “Best of the Heights” Open Thread on the ultimate spot to find solace in the neighborhood fostered enough responses to prove that folks would dare to share their favorite “private” spots. This week, we’re inquiring about a different kind of repose. A BHB reader wrote, “My wife and I are expecting our first child, and I was searching the blog for past threads on daycare. I could not find anything, other than preschool-related, so I’m wondering if you start a thread on the Best Daycare. I would love to get the opinions of our fellow neighbors.”

So there you have it: We’re now asking for your input on the Best Daycare Center In Brooklyn Heights. Please include who and where you send your kiddies in the nabe, along with the ages of your children and any other pertinent info you think would be helpful (hours, $$, activities, etc.).

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  • Gerry

    We suggest that parents skip day care and hire a live in nanny a wonderful Mary Poppins type young lady has been with us for 3 years now and we feel fortunate to have her here with us in our home.

  • Monty

    AFAIK, there are only two full-time day cares in BH: Imagine on Monroe and Kiddie Korner at Montague and Remsen. The others are all part-time. We’ve been sending ours to KK since it opened and it’s been very good. It’s ridiculously expensive, but so is everything here. The Montague location is for younger kids (newborn through 2s) and it’s newly built and in great condition. Staff are mostly very good and they are responsive to feedback. The other location on Remsen is older, but still fine for the kids. The 2s, 3s and 4s classes are taught by qualified instructors who give them a sufficiently regimented day with plenty of play time and physical activity. No classes have TVs. Biggest drawback is that it’s run by orthodox Jews so they pepper the lessons with Judaica and close on every single Jewish holiday sometimes for multiple days. They are still very welcoming of non-Jewish kids and I’d say less than half are actually Jewish. Overall we’ve been very happy.

  • Mary

    I would definitely recommend Kiddie Korner Daycare and Preschool.
    The staff there are extremely warm and caring and they take great care of the children.
    They have classes for ages 0-4 Yrs and have different options for amount of days and hours you would be looking for.
    Check out their website for more information
    Good Luck!

  • sarah

    We’re at Kiddie Korner now, we were at Imagine in DUMBO…They’re both pretty good. Just ask if the DC you pick has a sibling discount (just in case), Imagine is only 5%.

  • Monty

    KK is also 5% for second child.

  • sarah

    PS. It’s NUTS that they’re both only 5%.

  • Shiny magpie

    What are the part time options for infant care and to the poster who suggested a nanny, how did you find her? Thanks very much!

  • Karl

    Bright Horizons is also nearby. I like it because it’s owned by BAIN CAPITAL.

  • sarah

    Bright Horizons is $2300 a month.

  • Silverbee

    Yes, if anyone has info on nannies in the area: cost, resources,etc. that would be great, too! Thanks so much for the info, everyone.

  • GHB

    Gerry, this “wonderful Mary Poppins type young lady” of whom you speak… I think I saw her flying over Montague Terrace yesterday!

  • BrooklynBender

    There are parents groups for both Brooklyn Hts and Bococa on Yahoo Groups that always have a ton of nanny info, including people trying to find positions for their beloved nannies because of moving, etc.

    Good luck!

  • Bkmama

    My son is at Imagine Brooklyn Heights on Monroe Place. It’s a wonderful daycare with top notch teachers and he is thriving!!

  • She’s Crafty

    We were at Kiddie Korner and knew people who had their kids at Imagine; both are fine places, but the problem is really the lack of choice. As parents we cannot even exercise the right of choice because there are so few options and frankly these days you’d be lucky to secure a space at either place. We definitely need more full-time childcare options in the area for working parents. $2300 is the going rate pretty much.

  • Gerry

    @ GHB – Yuck, Yuck, Yuck – I had forgot that Mary Poppins would fly with her umbrella….her name is Ingrid 25 years old a stunning
    beauty who is trustworthy and smart takes wonderful care of our children.

    Ingrid does not really cook or clean — I clean the house myself and better than any cleaning person I had fired each of them got fed up and now do it myself on Fridays.

    @ Silverbee – we pay our live-in nanny $600 per week and she gets her own room and board we feed her. Maybe she is overpaid but we feel we are buying loyalty “you get what you pay for” and for our kids she is worth every penny.

  • TMS

    If you want to get rich, open up a good daycare in the Heights. We have practically nothing, the waiting lists are a joke (meaning, forget about it) and with all the new development in the area, it will only get worse.

  • Monty

    @TMS, I have a feeling none of these place are striking it rich. KK probably spends a fortune on that space at Montague and Clinton and the codes governing day cares are very strict. There are limits on the number of kids that can be in a given space, the number of teachers who have to be watching them, safety regulations and costly liability insurance.

  • Dad in the Heights

    Our daughter (2.5 yrs) is at Kiddie Korner and we are very pleased with the experience. Monty is spot on with his comments on the price etc. Our daughter is thriving and the 8am-6pm hours suits us well as two busy working parents. As secular folk we have found the Jewish curriculum to be fine in terms of content. The Jewish holiday closures are more testing.

  • Alicia

    Does anyone know anything about the Tic Tac day care on Joralemon?