84th Precinct Police Blotter – 7/27/11

bugleblotter-300x1711 The heat is on, but that hasn’t stopped the purse, wallet and chain snatchings. It’s this week’s police blotter.

I walked into an 8-4 that was in a rather delightful mood yesterday. Though “delightful” might be the wrong word—however it was in sharp contrast to the usual. Perhaps because the temperature dropped below 8,000 degrees? Perhaps the Captain is in love? Who knows, but allow me to bring you back to Earth with tales of perps and skells.

A red Vespa belonging to a Furman St. resident was stolen from outside the River Deli on Sunday.

The following morning, a 23-year-old man on Concord and Prince was jumped by a gang who beat him with bottles and kicked him in the face. They made off with $12 and the victim’s cell phone.

On Monday night another 23-year-old trying to stop a fight between a woman and her niece on York St. was smacked in the face with a metal object for his troubles.

On Tuesday afternoon, a would-be mugger ripped two chains off a 29-year-old woman’s neck while she was on 3rd and Schermerhorn. But this was no waif, this was a No. 1 Mama—at least, that’s what one of her chains said, which reportedly cost $640. She fought her attacker, retrieved her jewelry and only suffered a broken nail. Hopefully the perp suffered a mighty wounded ego.

A domestic dispute occurred on Washington St. Thursday afternoon, when a man reported his girlfriend suddenly went berserk and beat him with a belt.

The River Café was the scene of a crime Tuesday, and we don’t just mean the price of their shrimp scampi! (Ahem.) An employee left her bag—which contained $1,580 cash—underneath a table. And before you could say “Planet Fitness!” it was gone.

A 19-year-old woman was followed out of a Chase Bank on Flatbush Ave. Ext. Tuesday evening by a thief who then stole her bag and $500.

Do you come from the land down under? Then one of your paisans would probably recommend you stay off of Smith St. A 30-year-old woman visiting from Australia was standing on the corner of Smith and Warren Saturday night when a man raced by and grabbed her iPhone. Police showed the victim a series of photos, but she was unable to identify her mugger.

Finally, a 17-year-old got into a dispute with her ex on Facebook. The following day while she was walking to school he approached her and asked to talk; when she refused, he pushed the girl and took her pocketbook. I’m glad Facebook didn’t exist when I was a teen, and that’s this week’s blotter.

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  • GHB

    Never surprised when bags are swiped from restaurants along Montague, but The River Cafe? That’s some upscale thievery!

  • David on Middagh

    Heather, you’ve given us this week’s blotter *con brio.* Very enjoyable! Perhaps you, too, are exultant at the departure of the heat wave. Or maybe in love with the Captain?

  • Heather Quinlan

    I imagine to know Captain Mark DiPaolo is to love Captain Mark DiPaolo.

  • God

    Who leaves a bog with $1500 in cash out of their sight? just saying….

  • Peter

    We live in brooklyn heights and have had a very eventful week. In the middle of the night on Saturday night, someone broke into our building and stole my wife’s l.l. bean bike and some bike parts and tools. The police came and did not find any signs of “forced entry” and left. Three days later, on Wednesday morning the 27th we found they struck again, and broke into our building and stole the remaining two bikes which were LOCKED and stored in our building with a brand new $100 kryptonite lock. We filed another report and police found no signs of “forced entry” yet again. However, after 8 people (including two detectives from the precinct) investigated, I myself noticed the theif had broken into the federal mailbox on the outside of the building (that the mailman uses) and stolen our building key. There was no “forced entry” on our door because he was using a key he stole from a federal mailbox to get into our building.The detectives have yet to return our calls since the second break in and we are out 3 bikes ($1400 bucks)… The mailman has not been able to get into our building to deliver our mail for a week. Needless to say, we are very dissapointed in the 84th Precinct Police dept at the moment.