Mr. J. Samples the Fare at Seasons

Seasons, the new restaurant at the former Bread and Butter location, 46 Henry Street (between Cranberry and Middagh) officially opens tomorrow, Monday, March 21. It had a “soft opening” on Thursday evening and Karl, our man with cam (and palette) attended. He reports: “The food is tremendous. The chef definitely knows what he is doing.”

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  • AEB

    Oh, dear! Bitsy food with squirty saucings. I fear the worst–though I hope for the best.

  • Julie

    I agree with AEB. Sad to have B&B gone.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    One major advantage “Seasons” has is a truly renowned chef.

    The food was very tasty and wonderfully presented. And a nice selection of dishes all around $20.

    Residents are always complaining that we don’t have good restaurants in Brooklyn Heights, well, here we have a great tasting menu with interesting selections from which to choose.

    Today kicks off “Dine in Brooklyn” and Seasons is participating. I ate there Saturday night and can’t wait to try another dish tonight at around 6:00PM. Don’t know package they are offering for the $25 but the dessert alone (variations) is worth a good portion of that $25 admission price.

    Seriously, this period is the time to take advantage of what this talented chef has to offer. $25

    If you do not have the time to watch the entire 5 minute video, at minimum, take a look at the chef’s resume at the end of the film. $25 is a bargain.

    Talking good food, I also made reservations for Wednesday 3/23 and Monday 3/28 at the River Cafe for $20.10.

    Heather, as a reward for your contributions to the BHB, you are cordially invited to join me Monday 3/28 12:30. (all expenses paid) It would be a pleasure to have your wonderful company. Also, we can film our experience for readers.

    Let me know if you are interested.

  • Karl Junkersfeld
  • Karl Junkersfeld
  • Heather Quinlan


  • Monty

    Does this place have a website or someplace I can have a peak at the menu?

  • Heightsman

    @Monty: Watch the video, it has a look at the menu….

  • dimsumeater

    The menu is on the window. Actually, I miss the video store, and then the French restaurant on that site, more than B & B. I refuse to go to a restaurant for mac and cheese.

    The food may be great indeed, and the entrees were, as noted above, mostly in the $20 range. A fairly ordinary salad for $10 and soup for $8 is pushing the envelope (emptying the envelope). It seems that every new restaurant adds a buck to small items like that. I hope the wine tab is not extra pricey. Awaiting more reviews!

  • AL


    If you do join Karl for lunch at the River Cafe, eat first (or after). A friend and I had their DIB lunch special and laughed ourselves silly at the miniature portions – my appetizer, advertised as topped with caviar, had a single fish egg on it; my creme brule was served in a porcelain thimble. The implement with which to eat it was a cross between a salt spoon and an espresso spoon. Party hearty, for you certainly won’t be eating that way.

  • nabeguy

    Ate there with Mr. J last night for the DIB special and was quite pleased. I’m usually not a fan of the “form over function” school of cuisine, and, while serving an asparagus salad in a wine glass seemed a tad affected, all my choices, from the PE mussels app to the hangar steak and strawberry tart for dessert, were excellent. I won’t comment on the portion size, as these were DIB specials and most restaurants cheat, but I will say I walked out with a full and happy stomach. Welcome to nabe, Seasons.

  • Hicks St Guy

    Karl, I don’t think you get enough recognition. Your little video clip was very, very well done. Thank you.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Hicks St Guy,

    Thanks so much for the kind thoughts. Truth be told, I get plenty of recognition (see attached video). The fact that Home Fink provides me with so many opportunities to post videos of topics of my own choosing is more than enough recognition for me.

  • Hicks St Guy

    he needs the filler.

  • Person from hood

    The waitstaff was very friendly, menu was a bit complicated and lacking, main course was OK(meat a little stiff), portions a bit small, my salad was served in a wine glass making it difficult to eat and poor choice of desserts for Brooklyn’s Restaurant Week. I stopped at Ziggy’s on my way home and picked up some veggies because I was still hungry. I predict this place will do OK through the warm season as everyone will try it and the open sidewalk windows are be attractive. However, this place can’t compete with Jack the Horse or Henry’s End so it will unfortunately fail next winter.
    Was hoping we would have another good place. Oh well.

  • Kurt Steele

    Had dinner at Seasons twice this past month. Just amazingly good and elegant food–really better than anything else in the area. I want this restaurant to succeed!