Moon Over Brooklyn Heights

The brightest full moon in eighteen years looms over the Bossert Hotel in this photo taken from the roof of 57 Montague. Photo by C. Scales for BHB.

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  • AEB
  • Daniela Gioseffi

    The moon was beautiful over Brooklyn Heights reminding us that this is one planet and we are all planetary citizens. The most important thing we can do now is protest the nuclear power industry and work to shut down Indian Point, the most dangerous, old, and volatile nuclear plant in the largest Metropolitan area in the country. There is NO way that the New York Met area can possibly be evacuated in time to prevent loss of life and contamination of our homes would be permanent, leaving us no place to return to even if we could come back. It is not just an earth quake or a terrorist attack that threaten Indian Point. It is an aged plant full of spent fuel that has always leaked more radiation than acceptable–according to my recently deceased husband, Dr. Lionel B. Luttinger, Ph.D. chemist with a post-doctorate from Yale, and an M.S. from Brooklyn Polytechnical Institute and a B.S. from CCNY where Dr. Michio Kaku, Nuclear physicist of the Graduate Center of CCNY now works. Dr. Kaku and Dr. Helen Caldicott as well as Dr. Rosalie Bertell of Canada, epidemiologist, who tell you that there is NO safety in nuclear power. It is entirely counterproductive in energy costs, as the aged plants require billions of dollars to dismantle safely. Indian Point threatens our lives here in the city every day of the week. It is the biggest threat to our lives and properties there is. There is NO cleaning up a nuclear disaster.Pollutants and toxins from a nuclear accident can last for thousands of years. According to Dr. Luttinger who used to be called in to measure radiation leakage from nuclear plants in our area, these plants have ALWAYS leaked more toxins than the nuclear industrialists who own and run them admit, and Indian Point has constantly been given relaxed regulations because of its age. Accidents have occurred there in and around the plant and security has been lax. A plane buzzed the reactor and nothing happened. Green Peace activist rowed canoes up to the plant and nothing happened to impede them. Indian Point supplies a small part of our power here in the Met Area and conservation alone would solve the issue. If every government building in the area used energy saving bulbs and appliances, we would not need this danger at all. There are better was to save and produce the energy we need, much better ways. Solar power, wind, and water energy are far less dangerous and can be profit making industries. We do not need to live with the danger of Indian Point any longer. Write and call Governor Cuomo not to license Indian Point again and to shut it down and begin dealing with all the spent fuel lying around in tanks there. The Cuomos have been good on this issue and are properly educated and sensible about it. It is because of Mario Cuomo that we can be greateful Shoreham never opened for operation. Our current Governor Cuomo ran on a shut down Indian Point platform the prior time he ran for governor. Thompson also ran on a shut-down Indian point issue in his platform. Get busy now. It’s great to be moonstruck by the glories of our planet and its moon, but call the Governor, write the President who is a crony of the nuclear industrialists NOW. Tomorrow, Monday. Make your calls and write your letters on line or by snail mail. Deluge them with the truth. Nuclear power is entirely toxic and dangerous and counterproductive. Read what Dr. Helen Caldicott and Dr. Michio Kaku…/Physicist-Dr-Michio-Kaku-Discussing-Nuclear-Plant-Dangers and Dr. Rosalie Bertell have to say about it. They are truthful scientists on the side of people, not profit!!!!! They are not cronies hired by the nuclear industrailists to lie to us and our politicians. President Obama has unfortunately listened to their lies. Support the Green Party and Working Families Party. THIS REALLY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT LIFE AND DEATH ISSUE FACING US AND OUR PLANET, along with climate change and global warming. This is even more important than the struggling economy. THIS IS THE ISSUE, NOW. Take advantage of the opportunity for learning and change that the horrible, sad, Japanese disaster, on top of the Chernobyl Disaster and the Three Mile Island Disaster have taught us. Chernobyl destroyed an area of farmland as large as the islands of Japan. More radiation as leaked into the atmosphere and will effect all everywhere. We are one planet as we gaze at the amazing moon glowing in the night sky and see the stars glistening light years away. Earth is the home of all peoples, Japanese, Russian, American, Egyptian, Libyan, African, etc. We the people must rise up against nuclear industrial profiteers. Dr. Allan Rubin, M.D. radiological consultant agrees.

  • Daniela Gioseffi

    And forgive my type-os. I do not how to spell grateful and I am grateful that our governor has desired not to license Indian Point when he was Attorney General. Let him hear your backing not to license and to begin clean up of spent fuel there NOW! Call and write now (518) 474-8390 and into the future. Keep the pressure on to shut down Indian Point as the sad and horrible Japanese disaster unfolds. It could be us and it should not be them or anyone! Save our children from the cancer causing industry, this thyroid destroying industry. Small children are particularly vulnerable to the leakage and toxic filth of this industry. Remember Love Canal. Remember Three Mile Island. Remember the Russian and Japanese suffering and the irreparable distruction, now: Write:

    The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
    Governor of New York State
    NYS State Capitol Building
    Albany, NY 12224

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    I agree 100% there is NO way you can secure a nuke plant. The
    military plants (which are guarded by Dyncorp Hmmmm…..) arent
    really secure. The civilian nuke plants have a very very questionable security record. This is outside of thier safety
    record which at this point no one has to restate.

    Coal plants which have been made far, far cleaner are a FAR
    safer alternative. than nukes.

    At this point, everyone should be

    1) making themselves information independent by securing thier oWN radiation monitoring equipment which are now small and fully

    People should be looking for “scintilla meters” which can also
    monitor the background radiation from any unannounced
    incident. The industry and the government being SO truthful
    when incident occur.

    2) everyone should as a basic measure have a personal supply
    of Postassium Iodine tablets from a recognized source.

    A LOT of the existing plants are aging and there has been
    a very disturbing record of lack of candor on the part of
    the industry and government.

    The Japanese disaster is going to cost the lives of how many hundreds or thousands of lives in increased cancers? Notice
    that really top experts in exposure hazard have NOT been on
    the media
    the media….

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    But as far as the moon…this is the lowest moon in many years.
    This is what used to be what was called “a giant moon”
    The low moon and the solar flare as a combined factors are
    being considered in many quarters as being at least contributory factors in the string of earthquakes. At least one major english astrophysist who has perhaps the world’s most accurate record of
    predictions has cited these two factors. Other sources, however,
    have also seriously cited the allignment of the planets on the other side of the sun with its EM resonance effects as a possible other trinnger source. All of the above is under research and
    should be considered as such. But the readings I have on
    a wide range of instruments certainly indicate that we are
    feeling the effects of the solar flare.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Yes the Nuke plants should be shutdown ASAP. However, Mr. Smith is misleading with the statement “Coal plants which have been made far, far cleaner are a FAR safer alternative. than nukes”.
    It is simply not true the “Clean Coal Technology” being touted by the coal industry is at this point nothing more than an elaborate ad campaign and research being done into how it might be accomplished. Currently, there is not even one “Clean Coal” power plant operating in this country At best it will be 10-15 years before enough of these plants could be built and make a significant reduction in our carbon emissions. That is if it even can be done on a commercially viable scale.
    Wind, Solar, Wave and Geothermal are the only sensible alternatives to fossil fuels.

  • Daniela Gioseffi

    Yes, I agree, with Eddy de Lectron above–though Mr. Smith had some really good science to offer, he is wrong about coal burning being cleaner or having healthier air standards. Coal burning plants are among the worst polluters of carbon emissions and other toxins detrimental to air quality and lung health. Wind, solar, wave, and geothermal are the best and sensible alternatives to fossil fuels and highly dangerous and lethal nuclear plants. I agree with Mr. Smith on nuclear plants, however, and safety precautions to be taken and so do my scientist friends knowledgeable on the subjects. The government cannot be trusted to tell us the truth about the nuclear industrial profiteers who risk our lives every minute of the day with the toxic and deadly industry. Love canal, Three Mile Island, and the Russian and Japanese nuclear disasters are proof enough. We have 104 nuclear plants in this country and ONE THIRD of them use the SAME TECHNOLOGY AS THE FAILING AND FAILED JAPANESE REACTORS! SPENT NUCLEAR FUEL LYING AROUND IN TANKS IS A BIG PROBLEM ALSO. SHUT DOWN INDIAN POINT. Write or CALL GOV. CUOMO WITH YOUR SUPPORT TO DO SO TODAY. (518) 474-8390. And, while you are at it, tell him no hydro-fracking in or around our watershed areas as there is toxic radiation problems with that sort of drilling for natural gas as well as other pollutants released into the water and air. And, tell him to get coal plant emissions out of our air, too!!!! Tell him to convert Buchanan NY to an industrial center for producing alternative wind, solar, and wave energy components. Solar panels and turbine component products for safer work for Buchanan area residents than Indian Point. Many jobs would also be involved in the clean-up and conversion of The Indian Point Nuclear Plant to the production of good alternative energy components like solar panels and turbine wind parts, etc.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    The bottom line is fossil fuels and nuclear are way more profitable than renewable energy sources. Greed rules, the big money behind energy is not about to give-up their cash cow anytime soon. If the powers behind those entities would think about the big picture instead of only thinking about their profits world would be mostly free of fossil fuels by now. Alas, we are doomed this system to till we simply run out of gas. (yeah I know, Blah Blah Blah)

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Well, it is true that all natural fuel power generation systems have some invior impact. But compared to the DANGERS of nukes
    there no question of what is preferable. Coal is not totally clean and it isnt clear as the industry wants you to believe but it HAS been much improved over years ago

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    But the truth is that there is little prospect the the engery supply will reach a stable condition under the balance of forces which are now in place. And the real factors are far from what the public or even most energy science knowlegable activists generally know

    When I was a teenager and a young adult I used to hang out among other places in the Lucis Trust library.

    It was in many ways the best occult political library I had found till that point. It contained hundreds and hundreds of books on occult or esoteric teaching societys which later became social or political movements…

    It also contained books which showed what I alread knew from
    other sources; that in 1920 a scientific control mechanism had been installed in this country. The basis of this was the installation
    of the federal reserve and the IRS. After 1920’s the only fundiing
    of research of any size is the government or the tax free foun-
    dations. No president of a foundation wants to get a call from
    from IRS. .

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Prior to about 1920 the physics community was investigating a
    series of energetic effects which are clealy outside of classical EM.
    America’s greatest secret in world was one was the Rogers Radio system. My father knew engineers who were associated with Rogers.

    Radio and Wireless are two different things……

    The reason GE hired Stienmetz was to redesign the Tesla
    dynamos. Steinmetz had been thrown out of Germany for communist activity. He was a electrical genius but in a lot of other ways..Duh The original Tesla generators made standard EM
    and…other other stuff. And the other stuff loved inductors.
    So the transformers were burning up in the streets. Unless
    you used the Tesla designed transformers. The electrical
    companies didnt like that so the hired Stienmetz. He susceeded
    in getting what appears to be non EM out of the electical system.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Any serious student of who owns our present world and how it is “managed” knows that there is a third leg of the world control mechanism without which the other two legs of the system, the
    financial control and the political control which grows out of
    financial control,would not work. Up to about 1880 the basis of a society being able to contribute to the reserve banking tapeworm was shipping and light manufacturing. But AFTER 1880 the basis of wealth generation was ENERGY and the new far more dev-
    oloped industrialization made possible by the new, far easier access to energy.

    but to keep control your hands and only your hands have to be on the valve which controls access to energy.

    What is controlled today is research funding. What we have since
    the 1920 era is a carefully constricted physics.

    Prior to 1920 the physics community were activly investigating energitic effects which would appear to be outside of standard EM.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    And they were investigating energy potential in the vacuum

    Today’s EM particle physics is being stretched to cover all the effects they cannot or will not address much less explain the mechanisms of. “little” things like Gravity and magnitism.
    This is where string theory is coming from. Its an attempt to
    stretch an aging physics Why do this? because this (constricted)
    physics is the main support for the continuing control of energy.
    And if the scientific control mechanism goes down it may take the financial an political control legs down as well This is why (very
    well paid) “experts” and tenured types are always available to
    advise anyone that the present status situation is reasonable
    and what is to expected.

    They cant or wont seriously address gravity or magnetism but
    they are the respository of all reasonable concepts. Sure.

    People want a a safe proper solution to the energy needs of
    today’s world? Fine, then you cant allow an elite to fund only
    those who will ensure the continued survival of the entrenched
    financial/political elite. Well, do you feel that a small group
    of NGO’s should run your access to energy.

    We have an energy problem. Why do you think that is…well
    any nation who makes a Michael Jackson a zillionare (until
    he self distructed) and starves some of the best minds this
    counry has ever produced can expect what we now have.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Want a secure affordable, or free supply of energy? Fine.
    then someone has to bell the cat. Someone needs to step foward to fund and legally support a deconstricted physists

    The good news is that there has been an insergency inside physics over the last 20 years. 20 years ago, if you raised your hand at most symposiums and asked if the vacuum contains
    potential you would be ignored or abused.

    like 17 years ago you would with laughter be told you would
    told you were being absurd

    but as the insurgency persisted, 15 years ago you could easily
    have security called to at least check your credentials at some meetings 10 Years ago you would recieve an answer like
    yes, the vacuum may contain energy 7 years ago they would
    confirm it does but you would be advised extraction was impossible
    5 years ago they would confirm potential and say that extraction
    may be possible. 3 years ago the general physics community
    adopted the present position e.g. yes you can extract energy…
    but you cannot step down the frequency to make the energy usuable. Its amazing what I have witnessed over the last 20 years.
    Why is there a general retreat in this most critical financial
    control area? Because they know their positions are fully unsupportable

    Want safe secure energy? Then we MUST have a deconstricted
    physics which would not be theory driven. And we need a funding
    community which would support America’s most best minds valued

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Crack the vacuum.