84th Precinct Police Blotter – 3/15/11

bugleblotter-300x1711 It’s the Ides of March. It’s also this week’s police blotter.

In addition to last week’s pricey Rolex theft on Remsen St. come reports of the subsequent break-ins which lead to all that coverage of Brooklyn Heights last week. (“They’re crazy!” “They don’t lock their doors!” “They’re Midwesterners!”) The first occurred on Columbia Place Sunday Monday morning; a 24-year-old man reported his Macbook, PS3 and 10 PS3 games were stolen by someone(s) who entered through an unlocked window.

The next two happened at the same address on Willow Street sometime Wednesday. In the first case, the perp entered through a window off the fire escape and snagged headphones, a cell phone and cash. In the second, the victim claimed she locked her windows, but the perp took the a/c out of the window before taking a $300 laptop.

Planet Fitness.

Last Monday, a 37-year-old Gold Street resident who met a man on Adam4Adam.com stated that they were “hanging out for a bit” before falling asleep. That sounds as exciting as my dates, where I make them tell me their grandparents’ names so I can do their genealogy. (We all have our kinks.) But in this case, when the victim woke up he saw he was missing a $1k (!) iPod; $2K Macbook; $2K IBM laptop; $300 iPhone; two $300 watches and $580 cash. And, I’ll assume, some dignity.

On Sunday morning, a woman was hit with a hammer by her roommate, causing severe injuries to her face. The man was tackled by another roommate before police arrested the 34-year-old.

Finally, the report on Office Alain Schaberger, who was killed in the line of duty early Sunday morning: “While attempting to make a lawful arrest, the defendant did shove police officer and cause him to fall from stairwell ledge over railing, resulting in his death.” Here’s a link to an article where he’s remembered as a “Good Neighbor and Hero.” Officer Schaberger’s funeral will take place Friday at 9:30 a.m. at Frederick J. Chapey & Sons Funeral Home in East Islip, NY. And that’s this week’s blotter.

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  • David on Middagh

    RIP, Officer Schaberger.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    God Bless all who serve….

    We all pause and think, briefly, when something like this happens.

    But how many of us will take the time to send an note of respect
    to the precinct or to the officer’s family?

    How many of us, will make the effort to attend the monthy 84th Pct
    community council meetings?, which are so critical to maintaining
    commuity contact and feedback with those who protect us?

    How many of us will think of how they could personally contribute
    to public safety

    We all pause and think when something like this happens. But its
    what we do of continuning substance in the war between law
    and anarchy which matters…..

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    How about this? In memory of a slain officer why doesnt someone
    take a Staurday and install a basic alarm system or a simple
    lock upgrade for an elderly neighbor?

    Its what YOU do of substance.

  • GHB

    I agree Jeffrey. What did you do?

  • lcd

    It’s so easy to criticize and complain – cops certainly get their share of bad publicity. I just wrote a letter to the 84th thanking them and expressing my condolences. A small gesture perhaps, but I think it’s important to acknowledge positive things –

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Well, I’m a CEO type/researcher type. I am active in numerious leading patriotic socities and produce science and technology
    features for both print, broadcast and on line media.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith


    There was a MAJOR Incident at St Francis college Sunday at aprox 3PM apparently one attendee at the woman’s basketball game at St Francis attacked one or more attendees. The incident caused 3 LICH ambulances to be brought to the scene along with
    numerious police vehicles and over 12 officers with at least one
    sargent. Over a dozen people were escorted out of the building many to waiting ambulances. Traffic on the Block of Remsen was
    closed for over a hour as police sorted out what happened. These
    are early indications and should be considered plim intell, but this
    was a MAJOR Incident of apparent violence.

    In the past. these games have been a significant security problem in the area due to the behavior of attendees.

    202 544 5977

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Over this weekend there were a series of incidents involving the Pierrepont playground. The maintence man for the playground failed to lock the facility at dark AND for some reason the parks dept has adopeted a policy of leaving the doors to the facility unlocked. The result was on Friday night an apparent group
    of youths trashed the facility and police had to be called. A
    car from the 88th pct responded. On Saturday night a loud,
    wild sounding dispute between two ‘gentlemen” appaarently
    in the men’s room caused police to be called. Police again
    closed the facility as best they could.

    All of this resulted in a call to 311 resulting in complaint
    Number:C 1-1-634659080

    All Heights residents are encouraged to call 311 and ask
    what action is being taken on this complaint. Remember
    the more noise you make, the safer neighborhood you
    get to live in……

    On Sunday, more information became available on the
    matter. According to a reliable source, the responsibility
    to lock the playground at dark is the maintence man at
    1 Columbia Heights. Sources say he is compensated for
    this service.

    Meanwhile, it developes that the supervision for park facilities
    in the Heights is in the War memorial building and they can be
    always reached by calling 718 625 8076

    It also developes that authority above this is housed in what is generally called “the castle” or more properly, the “villa” which
    is reportedly located at Prospect Park West and 5th street…..

  • David on Middagh

    JJS wrote: “Well, I’m a CEO type/researcher type.”

    I would say you are a blog commenter who owns a police scanner.

    But, carry on.