Open Thread Wednesday 3/16/11

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  • AEB

    Saw a dracena marginata inside the soon-to-be Seasons. Ominous sign.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    The lights are out, again, in the tunnel in front of 100 Clark.
    So of course the street games have started. Every creep
    in the area is approaching women in the dark/”reduced”

    Sure, this kind of harrasement doesnt generate statistics.
    But why is it that the BHA or an offcial of the 84 Pct
    community council can’t pro active call 311 when they
    see dangerious conditions like what has occured over and
    over and over again for the last 30 years in front of
    100 Clark. Duh! its an abandoned building with a dark
    tunnel in front. What else do you need to be concerned? Everyone knows its a low visability area which is ideal for an incident which has a long history of incidents. Now the lights are out…why cant this be a automatic signal for one of the many neighborhood groups or publications covering the heights?

    Public safety isn’t only the police and the bad guys..its YOU
    becomming involved……

  • Remsen

    About 6 or so 12-14 year old boys were trying to gain entrance to my coop building on Remsen on Sunday around 3pm. They were buzzing all the apartments hoping someone would just let them in. I was returning home at the time and asked who they were here to see. “Mr. Baker” they said, “he is my uncle.” As there are no Bakers in the building, I promptly told them I could not let them in. They then walked away. Kids were highly likely not from the neighborhood and up to no good.

  • John

    Anyone else think the new “Threading Salon” above RadioShack on Montague street is an abomination? I’ve yet to see a single person go in there and it’s been open a month.

  • Alana

    John I beg to differ about the THREADING SALON above Radioshack. I personally went there last week.
    Its sad that their neighboring businesses (SuperCuts) are telling them that they won’t make it. (That’s what Laila the owner told me)
    I get my eyebrows threaded and am more than happy that they are on Montague street so that I don’t have to venture into the city or Willoughby st. I will help spread the word about them so that they can be a success.

  • lori

    Comment about the “Threading Salon” on Open Thread. Interesting…

  • John

    I just think it is ugly as sin. If it is convenient for you then I’m glad. Maybe with more customers and money they can get some halfway decent signs fixtures instead of those banners.

  • Beautiful Smile

    What was going on at the courts yesterday that there were Choppers flying above Court St.? I could barely get to my office with the amount of people outside.

  • Christi

    Re: Montague St. When do you suppose the tacky flags strung across the sidewalk to the neighboring tree at the new laundromat will be removed……or will they just be left to rot in place.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Alana, um, what is threading?

  • Bette

    Looks like, without an intervention, once charming Montague Street will simply become an extension of the tacky, cluttered Fulton Street Mall on the other side of Court Street. Who can I complain to (that might make a difference)?

  • Alana

    Threading is an ancient method of hair removal which originated in parts of India, the Middle and Far East, and is now gaining popularity in Western countries.

    Threading is a hair removal technique that uses 100% cotton thread. The cotton thread is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin entwining the hairs in the thread, which are then lifted quickly from the follicle. It is more precise than waxing and allows for better lines.

  • Wallard

    @Jeffrey J Smith, by tunnel, do you mean the sidewalk bridge and scaffolding??? or is there an underground passageway full of trolls that I’ve failed to notice? Have you called DOB or 311? or the BHA? or Steve Levin? If these options don’t yield results, I hear terrestrial warlock Charlie Sheen is quite effective at dispatching trolls.

  • Lauren

    The dog on hicks street that likes to bark during all hours of the night needs to be brought inside. Is it that hard? this happens EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.


    Fairway, a cautionary note for the neighbors.
    I am fairly sure that I’m not the only Heightser who shops there regularly. It’s a great store…good bagels, fish, cheese, meat and an infinite variety of staples of all types.
    However, the produce is often second rate: mushy blueberries, non-ripening pineapples, second-rate oranges, over-ripe tomatoes, and so on.
    We’ve learned to do our produce shopping at the green grocer on Atlantic Ave. near Sahadi’s which has proved very dependable.
    But it irritates me to think that Fairway may be dumping less than their best produce in Brooklyn figuring they can get away with it here.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Hey Lauren,
    You keep mentioning the dog on Hicks Street, but which part? It’s a long street, you know.

  • AEB

    MARTINL, I’ve had similar problems with similar merchandise I’ve bought from the original, Broadway store.

    So apparently no borough favoritism And buyer beware.

  • Lauren

    @ cranberry, it is very hard to tell.. when I stick my head out the window I can’t figure out exactly WHICH house it is.. i do know that it is in the very middle of the street.. as thats where my window faces out to.

  • Ramona

    A few Park Slopers are looking for beginner or (very patient) intermediate bridge players to start up a couple of tables of bridge in Park Slope, or nearby. We want to have some serious-but-fun bridge meetups if you are interested. Note, this would need to be during daytime, and one player prefers Wednesdays, but other days of week will certainly would be considered, also. Maybe we can get two days of bidge going during the week! E-mail if you want to join us!

  • BrandonH

    Lauren…..what cross streets are you referring to?

  • Tony

    All of Remsen Street (between Clinton and Henry) was shut off all day on Sunday so a few of kids could play in the street in front of a synagogue for a “carnival” between 12-3. People were put to a lot of bother to accommodate a few. We’re all supposed to put up with this because it’s done in the name of religion?

  • Lauren

    My apt is on willow street when you look out my bedroom windows it’s directly facing the backyards of the houses/apts on hicks street.

  • David on Middagh

    @Lauren: Did the barking dog’s appearance coincide with reports of the Heights’ burglaries? And yes, what cross-streets? I’m down at Hicks & Middagh, and don’t hear it at all.

  • Alanna

    Tony, Seriously? get over it.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    @Tony: You may recall from last week’s thread that I wrote about the fake no-parking signs the synagogue put up on that very block so that the guests to little Hannah’s bat mitzvah might more easily park. Yes, the members of the synagogue ought to be ashamed of themselves but, of course, they won’t be because they imagine that their god blesses their every move and to hell with the goyim.

  • Lauren

    hicks and pierpoint….? I guess you could say. I do not think the dog barking had anything to do with the robberys…. if so.. than these people get robbed every night.

  • David on Middagh

    @Bottom Topclerk: Remember the fake parking permits being used by that Henry St. church to block up the bike lanes on Sunday? They also ticked off the goyim, as I recall.

    Personally, I’d rather see less parking than more, so… Go Jews!

  • misterbones

    maybe this has been addressed previously, and if so my apologies: what account for the dozen+ Priuses that appear every now and then on Joralemon?

  • Hicks St Guy

    @misterbones, several NYC agencies have fleets of Priuses.
    @Tony, what kind of “bother” were people put through?

  • brooklynheightser

    Anyone else notice on the corner of Hicks and Atlantic the “MGK Crip Gang” graffiti tag thats gone up on the scaffolding of the now out of business deli?
    Does this mean that we are now in “crip” territory?
    Do I need to buy a blue bandana?