Remembering the Blizzard of 2010

Boy, those were the good ol’ days — something like 20 inches of snow and nowhere to go. The mayor told us all to calm down or somethin’ as our streets remained unplowed, garbage piled high, stranded limos blocked our streets and Department of Sanitation vehicles crushed our cars.

Last week was awesome!

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Photo: Chuck Taylor

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  • E

    Honestly, if that’s all you had to complain about for a major blizzard then you lead a pretty good life in a pretty good city. This blog seems to complain a little too much.

    Bloomberg was right telling people to calm down.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    No complaints here. I loved every second of the snow storm. As Homer said, “Last week was awesome.”

  • the Where

    @ E , allow me to call the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance for you. Also, if you happen to stop by the Clue Store pick one up.

  • Evelyn

    We were complaining b/c unlike in other big storms, the sanitation department had completely disappeared for whatever reason leaving emergency vehicles in particular unable to get around. A snow emergency should have been declared to require people to go home rather than be stuck in the snow. Also Brooklyn and the other boroughs certainly have a right to complain when they are completely buried in snow for days yet Manhattan is mostly clear. I understand the tourists make money for us but we have to get to work to keep things going for tourism too!

  • summitst

    I agree with E and Karl – I am from MN and lived 6 yrs in Chi before moving here. any city that has 50 degree temps every other week during winter gets no sympathy from me. suck it up people. if you don’t have a child to bundle, own a car or a shovel….NO COMPLAINING. Plus, anything that hits the ground here is gone within 3 weeks one way or another…..

    I think we should direct our anger squarely at the Sanitation dept. I wish Bloomberg could fire their management/union like Reagan fired the air traffic controllers.

  • frenchbull

    so in agreement with summitst, being a native chicagoan myself
    new yorkers get in a panic about snow and have no clue how to drive in it
    we had to push a cop car out of snow bank with 2 cops in it at end of montague last week-neither gentleman offered to get out and assist
    and i am a middle-aged 100 lb female
    sanitation managers need to be let go
    they put people’s lives in jeopardy
    both mayor daleys had chicago’s streets clean in no time
    but ny is still fabulous

  • Andrew

    Generally, snow isn’t such a big deal, but the failure to clear the snow off of the streets from this storm created some very dangerous situations. When emergency vehicles can’t get through the streets because of the snow, that is a pretty serious problem. When the streets in the North Heights were largely impassible, all I could think about is how difficult it would be for an ambulance or fire truck to get through. It’s not like we never see snow in New York (nor do we suffer from terrible winters) so it shouldn’t be like this.

  • Monty

    My biggest complaint as with every blizzard is the folks who think that snow is great for hiding dog poop. Once the snow receded, all kinds of frozen turds showed up. I caught a guy kicking snow over his dog’s doodoo on Pierrepont St in broad daylight. I called him out on it, but I don’t think he picked it up.

  • George Earl

    There were some positive aspects of that fairytale snow storm last week, you know. Actually, I hadn’t seen city people that as ready to smile and communicate since the day World War II ended and the residents entered city, virtually as one, walking, running and driving down Main Street USA. I was but a kid then, but would like to see more such “hug each other” events! Corny, I know, but maybe God’s hinting via nature’s tricks to begin getting realistic once again. What do you think?