Blizzard ’10 in Brooklyn Heights: Stretch Limo Blocks Middagh Street or Plows? What Plows?

A white limo is never, ever cool – unless the driver was “lucky” enough to score this awesome space on Middagh and Hicks Street.  Hopefully no on was injured in the making of this Snow Folly.

And by the way, we know that the Department of Sanitation has its hands full from this weekend’s blizzard and they need to plow the most essential roads first.  But Hicks Street, while sort of passable, should be on their priority list.

As for the rest of the “backstreets” in the North Heights this morning, it’s a mix of the ridiculous and the totally off the chain HI-lairous.  Oh yeah and IT’S A WINTER WONDERLAND.  More photos  after the jump.

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  • Joe2: The Joe-ening

    I am really, really hoping I can make it back today while the snow still looks beautiful.

  • CFB

    Sidney Place was plowed twice yesterday – apparently only as far as Aitken Place, so there’s a three foot drift at the intersection.

  • anthony cucchiara

    Where are the plows? There are three cars stuck in the middle of Henry Street between Warren and Kane. What’s happening?

  • Josh

    Spotted one stuck plows around the Brooklyn Bridge. Heard there are more similarly trapped. Go figure.

  • AEB

    Obviously the limo was doing a dry run for the annual New Year’s Eve BHA “Fete de Champagne” that takes place in the Hotel St.George arcade when disaster struck.

  • jade

    someone should send these pics to abc7 news.

  • brian

    the limo is still there. many roads in the heights still impassable, including fire lanes. where are the plows?

  • lisa kalb schaffer

    trying to move to Brooklyn Heights this Thursday.
    We know that our new street, Columbia Heights, has not been plowed.
    As well as Orange and Pineapple.
    Any updates on the plowing there would be much appreciated.
    thank u

  • Tim N.

    We’re on Clark and CH and there’s not been a plow through here. Both CH and Clark have a foot of snow on them. It looks like they took one swipe on Hicks, but that’s about it.

  • T.K. Small

    Even if the plows come through tomorrow, I think it is going to be a mess for probably almost a week. Your decision to move depends on whether you have a great deal of valuable stuff. If you do and if you can push back your move a few days, it might be a good idea.

    Keep us posted and good luck!

  • nabeguy

    10:25 pm update. Limo is still stuck at the intersection. But a plow finally did come through Middagh Street…only to get stuck, Now, he can’t go forward or back, so must wait for a tow. Personally, I’d prefer that they tow the limo. The insanity continues.

  • beth

    Pretty sure I saw its bumper on Cranberry this morning….