BHA: No Garbage Pick-Up Planned for Brooklyn Heights

The Brooklyn Heights Association notified its members last night that the NYC Department of Sanitation has not scheduled garbage pick up for the neighborhood and does not expect them to do so anytime soon:
There is NO garbage collection planned by the City Sanitation Department until further notice, AND we do not expect notice to come soon.

Please, please hold all garbage (both recyclables and regular trash) , until the resumption of garbage pick- ups has been announced. Garbage piled on snow banks is disgusting. Do not copy your neighbors who have already ignored this message. Instead, tune in to the local TV news broadcasts, or check the city’s website, During the weekend, I’ll be checking with the Department of Sanitation crews that serve Brooklyn Heights, and we will issue another e-blast when it’s time to take out the garbage.

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  • lori

    1. I called the local Sanitation supervisors yesterday and they said, “Hopefully, Monday” but as Judy said, local TV broadcasts will be stating when pickups will resume.

    2. I am writing to CVS corporate headquarters today to state that, despite my general satisfaction with the store, the local sentiment is extreme dissatisfaction (snow removal, prescription disasters, etc). A few years ago, I was there on a Sunday night and met the supervisor of the Northeast stores and he said that our store on Henry Street was rated the lowest store in his panel.

    3. I wish to thank you for doing the BHB – since subscribing, I check it each morning alongwith my other mail and it is a great forum to find out the latest Bklyn Heights news. I wish you, “Mrs. Fink” and “Baby Fink” a most Happy New Year.

  • gc

    garbage sitting in apartments for days at a time is even more disgusting

  • Historian

    The DSNY website has been dark in terms of communicating anything at all. What are people supposed to do?

  • nabeguy

    I don’t know about you, Historian, but in dire situations like this, I prefer to get trashed.

  • Dolores Haze

    Lori, I am one of those people with “extreme dissatisfaction” with the people at CVS on Henry. If you have any address to share concerning who to write to, please pass it on!

    The people who work there are incredibly feckless (not to mention miserable).