Fireworks Alert: New Year’s Eve

There will be fireworks at midnight tonight to ring in the New Year. The show at the Statue of Liberty will be visible (and audible) from Brooklyn Heights.

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  • Christi

    What’s with all the helicopters flying over the north hts today? I thought we had sort of curbed this practice. The noise in my Montague St. Apt is horrific! I’ve just called 311…thery seem to be of no help.

  • Awesome Mother F*cker

    The helicopter traffic has increased DRAMATICALLY over the past few days.

    There seems to be at least 3-5 airborne and are approaching/landing perpetually down by Wall Street.

    Clearly increased tourists have increased the actual demand and traffic/volume…..I hope it ceases after this weekend…

  • Ben

    I find 311 operators to be dumb the other day T. K. had to explain to a 311 oerator what a sidewalk curb-cut is. the 311 operators are dumb really it’s true. I spoke to one who told me that all City services would stop due to the snow and that included the plows she was certian that no snow plows would begin until after the storm was over….

  • Greta

    Well judging by the looks of things she may have been correct about the snow plows.

  • nabeguy

    Didn’t I read something in the Times today about how the city is employing helicopters as a method of birds-eye reconnaissance of the street-plowing efforts? Now, if they could equip those whirly-birds with salt, they might be of some genuine use.

  • AEB

    …or glitter….

  • nabeguy

    AEB, I can always count on you for the theatrical touch. The fireworks were great, as was the gathering of neighbors and tourists alike. The crowning moment for me was at the stroke of midnight, when an ebullient young man shouted out to the Heavens above “She said yes, she said yes!!!”