Car Crashin’ Snow Plow – The Video

Earlier today, we received news that a Department of Sanitation tow truck attempting to remove a snow plow at Joralemon and Hicks, slammed into two parked cars. Now, there’s video.
And check out this snow plow stuck in Cobble Hill.

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  • A.J. Lawrence

    That’s right around the corner from my apartment. I saw the aftermath, with the owner picking up the pieces. The best part is that there was a dozen firemen around the corner digging out cars.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw it. And I saw it. Wow.

  • T.K. Small

    Even though these are terrible weather conditions, city employees still have a duty of care to maintain. From what I saw, it looks like they didn’t particularly try to avoid causing any damage. When I was in law school, I had an internship with the Brooklyn Torts Office of the NYC Corporation Counsel. Although I did not cover these cases, one of the regular lawyers handled all of the small claims cases in which automobiles were damaged. The owner might have a case.

  • CaM

    F**K NYC SANITATION!!!! They are the dumbest idiots alive. Who does that? I cant believe they did this to MY cars while they knew I was standing there screaming at them to stop!!

  • my2cents

    Is that camera guy naked?

    That video made me laugh until I cried for the poor car’s owner.

  • PBK

    I think this is what is called a “teachable moment”.

  • Herbie Sanchez

    Douche Bag! Peeping window turd. He shall show the world this gross negligence.

  • John

    I video taped this earlier today when I was awakened from my slumber by these boobs. This is one of about 3 or 4 videos I took, I just had to keep going back and thankfully I did right at the time of their handy-work. An to answer your question…NO I was not naked….just really, really warm as the radiators work like a charm up here. I cannot believe that there is yet another video of these geniuses in Cobble Hill attempting the same thing without chains on. What? Really? Come on? That is dumb and dumber action man. The kicker here…and it’s poetic, ironic and somewhat serendipitous is that…….wait for it……………was a city owned vehicle! There it is! I know it’s a tough job but come on guys really? That’s just dumb. Nothing your supervisor can do for you about that.


  • John

    Screw you Herbie Sanchez…..if that is your real name. Herbie?

  • Just A Neighbor

    John, I’ll bet the owners of this car will be grateful to you for the video- spot-on commentary and all :)

    “Herbie” – it doesn’t sound like you own a car. If that were your car, you’d be singing a different tune.

    Seriously? TWO different scenarios of the SAME mistake?? Wow.

  • John

    Oh….and apologies all around for my salty language but I’m sure you can appreciate it’s use.

  • John

    Thanks for the back-up on that “just a neighbor”, not sure what Herbies beef is or his general malfunction but when you post things publicly you got to expect the crazies to come out.

  • Just A Neighbor

    John, you summed up a lot of what I was thinking in a fairly articulate fashion.

  • daniel santi

    Any good rigger worth his salt knows you dont chain in the center to pull verticaly u hook up on the right rear side to the left front side and use the laws of gravity do there job and just in case the plower driver should be retrained he should had know how to wedge the plow for back or forth movement but then again i am just commenting

  • Reggie

    As I wrote earlier:

    “Personal Injury and Property Damage claims [against the City]can now be filed electronically via eClaim.”

  • my2cents

    The most funny/sad part is at 1:59 where the front loader is finally freed, but smacks the explorer with its plow section because the operator didnt raise it high enough to clear the roof of the vehicle. Unbelievable.

  • Heights and Hills–OOh My!

    Reggie–just to add that notices of claim against NYC have a 90 day statute of limitiations, which means that if you don’t file a claim within 90 days with the NYC Comptroller’s office and/or the NYC Corporation Counsel’s office, you lose on procedure before you even get to the merits.

  • Tarekp

    John, Chop that beast into a 30 – 45 second time lapse video and it will probably spread pretty quickly across the web. People love showing city negligence, and it’s easier to share shorter vids.

    Excellent work on this. Happy you were there…

  • x

    forward this to the NEWS! They would love to show this on tv tonight.

  • David on Middagh

    Yeah, send it to WPIX!

  • spm

    Hi John – I sent this on to a friend who works at NBC (I also mentioned the blog) so if you hear from them, it came from me. Was it a city car? And CaM – I am so sorry!

  • x

    apparently you can upload videos anonymously to

  • new ager

    Oooh–I sent it to NBC. Pikers.

    You want a ratings spike? Send it to a fun web based entity, like Gawker:

    You’re welcome. And thank you for making me laugh so hard. The notoriety you’ll get pales in comparison to the laughs I got. The audio makes the video.

    And Homer/John’re beef is with Gawker, not me. I sent in the BHB link, not just the YouTube link, which Gawker excised.

  • T.K. Small

    NBC ran part of the video clip as part of their blizzard coverage. It was on the six o’clock edition of their broadcast.

  • lisa kalb schaffer

    anyone know if there’s been any plowing on Columbia Heights?

  • bklyn20

    I saw this plow stuck on Joralemon a little before 9 AM. Didn’t all this happen several hours later? It seems it took Sanitation hours to do such a bad job. Just imagine if they had rushed into it!

  • abc

    I’ve noticed those red plows all day today. I have never seen them before. Were they used in previous storms? They don’t seem very efficient. I witnessed three stuck before noon.

  • abc

    Channel 7 is going to show the video now at the 11 newscast !

  • nabeguy

    Herbie, you didn’t happen to be driving the tow truck?
    John, did you happen to notice if the two drivers involved in this debacle stayed around long enough for a supervisor to show up? A similar incident happened in front of my property, and the truck driver did, in fact, pull over to the side of the street and waited until a supervisor showed up to record and appraise the “accident”. Pretty damning video you’ve got on your hands there, as it so apparent that these two crews were desperate to get out of the situation. Given that they were getting paid double time just for being on the road, I’m surprised they just didn’t sit in their rigs until a supervisor was present to guide them. Now, they’re all on the hook (so to speak) for their own stupidity.

  • exclark andwillow

    just saw this vid on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” !