Car Crashin’ Snow Plow – The Video

Earlier today, we received news that a Department of Sanitation tow truck attempting to remove a snow plow at Joralemon and Hicks, slammed into two parked cars. Now, there’s video.
And check out this snow plow stuck in Cobble Hill.

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  • EG

    just saw this on cnn!

  • M.E.

    Woke up, checked the CNN app on the iPad and this was one of the leads! Well done:

    Towing mishap leaves residents steamed

  • north heights res

    Also shown on NY1, and now NY Daily News has posted YouTube link on Twitter:

  • Awesome Mother F*cker

    It also is on drudge….

  • north heights res

    On Twitter, NYDN looking for author of the video; I posted a link to this site.

  • New York Daily News

    Hi John – Can you call us at 212-210-1500? Our reporter would like to talk to you about the video you shot. Thanks – New York Daily News PS – thanks, @north heights res

  • T.K. Small

    The video was just referenced in the mayoral press conference regarding the blizzard.

  • spm

    It was on the Today Show this morning in the first half-hour (prime time!) – we’ve created a STAR! Congrats John.

  • jade

    abc world news this morning at 4 am played the video.

  • bklyn20

    It’s also on The Huffington Post — and apparently at least one of the mangled cars was city property (it was in one of the posts, which I didn’t have time to read thoroughly.) Mr Video Guy in Boxers needs an agent.

  • x

    Eyewitness news (ch 7) just showed it again and interviewed the car owner who wishes to remain anonymous, “for fear of retribution from the sanitation workers”. The report also said the person who shot the video is in hiding.

  • AMT

    WOW…..I am speechless…

  • mfishman

    I am a former heights resident. Just wanted to say that the clip is also picking up steam on Facebook. Any truth to the rumor that it is a city-owned vehicle?

  • WillowtownCop

    The newspapers are reporting that it is a city owned vehicle, and the people who had it own the car that was parked in front of it. Not that it mattered one bit to the tow truck driver who it belonged to, but I would like to know why the city worker needs a gigantic gas guzzling take home car when they have their own car, to take up a rare parking space around here.

  • Mike

    Forget the property damage. If they left the scene of the accident, it’s a crime. These guys should be charged.

  • Andrew Porter

    This has gone viral. It’s all over the world. What an amazing civilization we live in!

  • Liz Ryan

    I wish someone had a video of my car having the crap beat out of it – from bumper to hood – by a NYC plow on Columbia Heights at the corner of Pineapple.


  • John (JCK42)

    Liz Ryan, Sorry I couldn’t have captured that for you too. Someone had to see or hear something though…no? Good luck with that.

  • John (JCK42)

    Does anyone have footage of Anderson Cooper on AC360 over-dugging the voices of the 3 Stooges of my footage? I missed it and heard it was hilarious. If so could post a link to it here?

  • John (JCK42)

    Over-dubbing I meant.

  • John (JCK42)

    New York Daily News: sorry for the silence and not contacting but I had not seen or heard of your request until yesterday morning. Furthermore I had to take a step back from this and have not given any on-camera interviews, shown my face, or given my last name as a result of this for reasons I could not have foreseen prior to this thing going bonkers like it did. It is now finally becoming yesterdays news and thankfully so. Apologies neighbor.