Blizzard of 2010 – Hunts Lane Needs Some Plowing

This just in with photos from a BHB tipster:

It’s good to see DSNY taking their time plowing the Heights out – when they’re not crashing into parked cars with their machinery.

Only hope that no one forget about Hunts Lane this year. No salting occurred there pre-blizzard. Now there’s 2 1/4 feet of snow on the ground. All untouched, and fresh white stuff….except for a few homeowners who own their own snowblowers or who have kids and needed to build snowmen.

If anyone has a plow on their SUV, help those folks out down there. That’ll be quicker than waiting for DSNY.

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  • Peter

    Grace Court Alley too. No salt or sand. One pass with a plow when8″or so was on the ground. Nothing since.

  • bklyn20

    Most of the South Heights was untouched by plows this afternoon, especially the “Place” blocks. Court Street in Cobble HIll was like a pedestrian mall. Even Court Street by Borough Hall had people walking in the street rather than on the sidewalk.

  • melanie

    most of the sidestreets in park sloipe also not plowed!

  • jade

    According to the mayor, only major roads will be plowed first. Secondary streets and tertiary streets like the “place” blocks wont be plowed until tomorrow or even later.

  • Andrew Porter

    For “tertiary” read Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island.

    Remind me not to vote for Bloomberg next time. Oh, wait…

  • David on Middagh

    The blizzard happened
    – on a Sunday
    – on the day after Christmas
    – into the night
    – during a severe fiscal crisis.

    How many people do you suppose were readily available to jump into plowing action?

  • nabeguy

    Pay me the time and half that these crews are earning, and watch me jump, skip, and vault at the opportunity.



  • George Gilpin

    Cobble Hill – ” Marty where is the plow?” It is 11 PM on Monday – Snow has fallen for 36 Hours.

    Warren St. between Court and Hicks – Not a single pass by a plow.
    No Salt.

    Henry St between 3rd Place and Atlantic – Not a single pass by a plow. No Salt.

    Baltic St between Court and Hicks – Not a single pass by a plow.
    No salt.

    I could list 90 % of the Streets in Cobble Hill – No cross streets and few through streets are plowed or salted.

    This is a poor effort by the city.

  • bklyn20

    Looks like at least some of the the “Place” blocks in the southern end of Brooklyn Heights are STILL unplowed. Also, late yesterday afternoon, the block of State Street between Clinton and Court Street was untouched. This must be hurting local businesses (as well as humans trying to get to work and on with their lives.)

  • Y

    Where is the US Postal Service in all of that? I have not gotten my mail yet.

  • lisa kalb schaffer

    Anyone out there know if Orange or Pineapple and Columbia Heights have been cleared near the entrance to the Promenade????
    Trying to move in on Thursday.
    Any news would be much appreciated.


    Stop blaming DSNY. They’re doing the best they possibly can. They’re extremely understaffed for a storm of this magnitude thanks to a certain mayor.
    A lot of the trucks were stuck in the snow themselves. Again, not the fault of the DSNY workers…take it up with the mayor.

    Don’t forget all those brilliant residents that decided to leave their vehicles parked in the middle of roads, and throw all the snow into the street to try to unbury their vehicles. These are all things that make it harder/impossible to plow.

  • Onyez

    Today, Tuesday Dec. 28th and still no side streets and even some major streets in Brooklyn are still unplowed. Neither Myrtle from Flatbush to Vanderbilt have been cleared. Vanderbilt from Atlantic to Grand Army Plaza has not been plowed. Yesterday was NOT a holiday, neither is today. Buses are not running. I was on Upper West Side of Manhattan today – how nice that all their side streets are plowed and clear!

    We in the outer borroughs pay the same tax rate as Manhattanites, yet we get half the city services. It’s time to either cut our taxes or step up the service. PLEASE WRITE TO THE MAYOR to demand better service.