Dumping Snow onto Willow Place – Brilliant Department of Sanitation Strategy or Hijinx?

We’ve just received this dispatch from BHB tipster in Willowtown about an DSNY vehicle reportedly dumping snow onto Willow Place:

Hi there, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and thought you’d be interested to know that a Dept. of Sanitation backhoe has been dumping snow back onto Willow Place for the past 15 minutes or so. Two very poor quality photos taken from inside my home are attached. The snow is coming from somewhere on the south end of the street. This seems rather odd, no? Any idea what the rationale could be?

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  • davoyager

    they dump snow on the streets to break it up and help it melt. We watched them do the same thing on Jorelemon earlier.

  • DrewB

    I’ve seen them do this before to help snow melt too. The flip side, I also saw a cop threaten to ticket someone for throwing snow shoveled off their sidewalk into the street. Classic NYC logic…..

  • Mickey

    DrewB: you have to be union!