BHA: Garbage Pickup Resumes Tonight

The Brooklyn Heights Association gives us the following news:

This is the word from the superintendent in charge of the Sanitation Department (DSNY) garage that services Brooklyn Heights (as well as the other neighborhoods sharing our Community Board district), and his information is more specific to us than anything you might be hearing on 311 etc: Starting tonight (after 7 PM), you can expect collection of regular garbage but NOT recycling.

The DSNY asks you to make it possible for the workers to reach your garbage. Try to clear a path to the curb to make collection faster. If your trash is still buried under a pile of snow, please dig it out and put it where they can get to it.

Regardless of whether your regular recycling collection day is Monday or Wednesday, the DSNY is NOT picking up our recyclables until further notice. I expect to be given enough notice in time to send you another update.

At the moment, DSNY hopes to get to the recyclables at the end of this week, but the super has asked me to ask you to be patient because it will take the DSNY a week to catch up with an entire week’s backlog of perishable trash.

Out of consideration for your neighbors, please hold back all of the recycling piles until you receive another e-blast. Thank you.

Happy New Year to you all!

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  • Heightsman

    Monday, 6pm…..I can tell you they haven’t visited Columbia Heights yet but I did see a bunch of green clothed guys on the Promenade drinking beers from brown bags……I kid!