Crain’s: Complaint Filed Against Hope’s Dad in District Race

"Controversial" photo from Reichbach's campaign website

The race for the Democratic 52nd Assembly district leader just got a little more interesting.

Crain’s NY Insider reports that a formal complaint has been filed against Supreme Court Judge Gus Reichbach claiming that he has “participated” in his daughter Hope Reichbach’s campaign against incumbent Jo Anne Simon.

Steve and Vito: Hope's Home Team/Aaron Short photo

Crain’s notes that the confidential complaint was filed by Simon supporter Alan Fleishman (a current District leader not seeking re-election). The paper adds that the complaint “gratuitiously notes that [Vito] Lopez backs Reichbach.”    Ms. Reichbach is currently a staffer for NYC Councilmember/ Lopez protégé & former chief of staff Steve Levin.

Fleishman’s filing alleges that Judge Reichbach “seriously violated judicial ethics [by] actively campaigning for his daughter.” The complaint says that the judge permitted his name and likeness to be used in a Hope Reichbach campaign mailing, on her campaign website in addition to attending an endorsement press conference. It adds that the judge, who was part of the 1968 student uprising at Columbia University, wore a Hope Reichbach campaign button, too.

Judge Reichbach tells Crain’s that he never wore a campaign button. As for the presser, he says he did not participate and that he has received an opinion from the Advisory Commission on Judicial Ethics allowing his likeness to be used in his daughter’s campaign. He tells the paper he was surprised by the complaint, adding, “These things are supposed to be confidential, so it’s interesting that the complaint was filed with the press.”

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  • mike

    does no one else find it a little anachronistic that we have “female” and “male” positions for these positions?