Brooklyn Heights Townhouse Needs TLC

The TLC townhouse /NY Times photo

The NY Times reported over the weekend on what it means when a real estate broker says a home needs TLC.  One of  the properties was a Brooklyn Heights townhouse:

NY Times: As Ms. Williamson, a Prudential Douglas Elliman broker, walked through the musty house in Brooklyn Heights recently, she pointed out a “not horrendous” kitchen and bathrooms that had not been renovated since 1968 (when the town house was built). As floors creaked under worn-through green and orange carpet, she pointed to walls that buyers could knock out to add light.

The price is $1.1 million, and she said renovating the town house could cost $100,000 to $200,000.

“It’s a question of how someone wants to live,” Ms. Williamson said. “TLC means that you love it as it is now and love it even more when you get it the way you want it. It’s a softer way of saying it needs a major renovation.”

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  • Jorale-man

    Very Oscar and Felix. Actually, fix the creaky floors and it might do well as a 60’s period piece.

  • lori

    Brooklyn Heights Townhouse BUILT in 1968? Creaky floors already? Do you know the location?

  • EHinBH

    lori: These are the townhouses that are part of the 75 Henry Street complex. When renovated, they are quite nice. Of course, they are not brownstones… But a great alternative for the price. It’s part of the co-op so maint charges cover all electric, heat, gas, snow removal, upkeep, etc.

  • john

    Don’t these houses also get a car park space as there is a car park between Henry St and Cadman Plaza on Middagh St?

  • EHinBH

    @John: The lot is part of the co-op — which includes the Tower. There is a very, very long wait list for parking… So yes, the lot belongs to the co-op, but the spots can be for anyone who owns in the co-op — building or townhouses.

  • AEB

    Ah, a passthrough with shutters! Luxe, calme et volupte!

  • nabeguy

    $1.1 Million? That’s not TLC, it’s OMG.

  • AEB

    But you DO get the lamp and the carpet….

  • nabeguy

    Considering that the owners probably paid less than $50G for this originally, that’s an absurd mark-up for a dump.

  • Jorale-man

    Isn’t that Don Draper’s new bachelor pad? There’s got to be a little mini-bar and cocktail set in there somewhere.

  • AEB

    …it’s under the couch….

  • bornhere

    Part of me says that critiquing this decor is like looking at pictures of yourself wearing go-go boots or big hair. Another part of me says that the table lamp is really, really tall.