84th Precinct Police Blotter – 7/27/10

bugleblotter-300x1711 Two words: Planet Fitness. It’s this week’s police blotter.

There’s been a rotating crew of officers manning the front desk of the 84 for the last several weeks. They all appear different, but the one commonality is the look they give me when I tell them I have an appointment with crime analysis. “Why?” “Huh?” And my favorite – “Who?” I won’t even go into the look I get when I tell them I’m with a blog. Today was much the same – when I told the woman why I was here she was so flummoxed it took her several tries and two phones to dial the right extension. “I have a Heather here?” she said. A Heather? Eh, maybe one day I’ll be the Heather.

I’ll lead with the report you’ve all been waiting for, another shocking burglary at Planet Fitness. The details are like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Except for here. And here. And maybe here. A man claims to have locked his belongings in a locker, but when he returned from his workout, his locker was open and his wallet gone. The report added that his Visa card was used at Modell’s, Duane Reade, McDonald’s and for a metro card.

At 493 Fulton on Friday, a woman was shopping in the plus-size department of Rainbow Apparel when she noticed someone following her. The perp then reached into her bag and took her wallet; he was caught on camera, but not yet by police.

90 minutes later and just steps away at 505 Fulton, a woman left her purse unattended at Conway’s and poof! Like magic, it was gone.

At Bar Tabac at 11:30 p.m. last Sunday, a woman left her Hayden-Hartnett bag at her feet and poof! It also disappeared.

On Friday morning, a man locked his 2008 Suzuki motorcycle up at 328 State St. and before you could say “Planet Fitness” it was gone.

At 81 Bergen that night, a man closed up his office but accidentally left his key in the lock. Someone broke in and set off an alarm, but the alarm was not connected to a central monitoring system. Also, the building had one camera and it was fake. The thief made off with an $1,100 Panasonic DVX-100 camera (which is a kind I’ve actually had my eye on) and a Lacie hard drive.

At 8:45 am Tuesday, a woman nodding off on the C train was punched in the face and mugged at the Willoughby and Jay stop. One witness grabbed the thug, causing him to drop the woman’s belongings, but he got away. All items were recovered and the victim was treated at LICH.

At DUMBO Muffin on Sunday, the store owner opened up to find the place robbed of $10,000 worth of Jan Larsen art work; a $3,000 Faema Espresso maker; a $2,000 Bunn Coffee maker; a $2,000 refrigerator; $100 cash and a $100 CD player.

At the corner of Pierrepont and Willow Sts at 1 p.m. last Monday, a Verizon technician parked his van and went to a residence to do some work. When he returned, he saw the back door was opened and a laptop and Mikita drill were gone.

Earlier that day at 70 4th Ave., a man parked his car and left it running with the keys in the ignition. However, he locked the door and took a spare set of keys with him. When he returned 5 minutes later, the 2001 Chevy Astro was gone. In addition, the victim was either in the candy business or had some serious apologizing to do, because inside the car was 260 boxes of hard candy; 850 boxes of chocolate; and 100 boxes of gum. And that’s this week’s blotter.

[Note to Andrew Porter: no mention of an attempted mugging at Middagh and Hicks.]

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  • nabeguy

    I know the thought of surveillence camera’s in locker rooms seems kind of gross, but Planet Fitness needs to become Planet Witness if these robberies are allowed to continue.

  • Obama?

    This column is a great way for residents to be aware of local crimes & the trends thereof. I just hope the police are not omitting or censoring anything. (Why wasn’t the attempted mugging Mr. Porter mentioned on file? What else may be missing?)

  • Ben

    Are comments that include: “Like magic it was gone!” or “and before you can say Planet Fitness it was gone” an attempt at at humour? Are these comments about the stupidity of the victims i.e., leaving a bag on the floor?

    Are these comments in the NYPD report?

  • Heather Quinlan

    Wow, Ben, you offer to buy me a drink in one post and rip my blotter apart in another? Such mixed messages.

  • bhmom3

    Light-hearted comments like this are also in the Brooklyn Heights paper blotter, and I find it so annoying. WHy make silly, cutesy comments about crime?

  • harumph

    Heather – I like your comments – don’t pay any attention!

  • Jazz

    seems to me like bhmom and ben need to down a few van den Bout Boilermakers. Loosen up people!

  • nabeguy

    There’s nothing amusing about crime…but this ain’t exactly CSI either. Kudos to Heather for expressing the very thoughts that we all have when reading these reports. Like…”how could they have been so (fill on the blank)”.

  • nabeguy

    And Heather, don’t shed any tears over Ben. I’m sure the line to buy you a drink is longer than the one outside of Grimaldi’s.

  • T.K. Small

    The problem is that people are simply misinterpreting what Heather said due to her thick New York accent. What I believe she said was: “Some people have had some things stolen in/near Brooklyn Heights occasionally and that people should be careful.” At least that is my translation.

  • x

    Love Heather’s writings.. keep it up.

    If I want things seriously all the time, I will watch NY1 on tv

  • AL


    Keep up the good work. Totally agree with Nabeguy’s comment.

  • Lou K.

    Hilarious and informative – as always! Many thanks!

  • Remsen

    If it were “just the facts”, nobody would read the police blotter column…keep up the good work

  • GHB

    No, nothing funny about crime… but it is funny when we repeatedly hear about guys and their “locked” lockers at Planet Fitness. Come on. These people probably close their locker and don’t even bother with a lock. I see it at Eastern Athletic all the time.

  • Ben

    I enjoy your writing I did not know that you are the editor of the crime report.

  • Robyn

    So you know Heather he enjoys my writing too.

  • Demonter

    Heather has her own style that is both informative and entertaining. Always be alert and street smart.

  • Robyn

    No matter how good her style is there will always be Ben to critique it….

  • http://heatherquinlan.com Heather Quinlan

    Thanks, Blotter Fans! Until next time …

  • lifer

    10,000 in art on loan to a muffin shop? really? I am betting there’s gonna be an insurance payout