84th Precinct Police Blotter – 6/22/10

bugleblotter-300x1711 Larceny at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Larceny at the Downtown Marriott. And larceny in someone’s drawers. It’s this week’s police blotter.

Apologies for not making an appearance last week—I was doing my thing with signs on Henry St. But I’m back this week to give some comeuppance where it’s due. First up: Smith St.’s Camp Bar, scene of a crime last month when a woman left her bag unattended. This month we have a different woman, same crime—this time, the victim willingly left her bag on her chair for “30-40 minutes” until she decided to retrieve it, only to find someone had decided to retrieve it first. Along with the bag, the victim said good-bye to her iPhone and Saks card.

The next day at Brooklyn Bridge Park, a woman claimed she left her bag on the back of her stroller, then later discovered it had disappeared. Along with her bag, she said good-bye to her Lord & Taylor and Amex cards.

So I just wanted to say—my parents are coming into town to visit today, just in time for my kitchen pipes to burst. While sitting in a pool of water, I decided it was best to look for a hotel. I considered the Marriott: it’s convenient, it has things like rooms and beds, and it couldn’t be too much, right? After plugging in the info, I learned that two nights in the Downtown Brooklyn Marriott would set me back $600. After I got off the floor, I went to the 84 to read the blotter, and found this report: a Pennsylvania couple threw caution to the wind and took the opportunity to stay at said Marriott. While the lady went to check in, her boyfriend put the suitcases on the sidewalk, and before you can say “Welcome to Brooklyn!” one of the cases was gone. (By the way, my parents found somewhere else without my help.)

A man jogging in the middle of the night at State and Atlantic was struck in the head with a metal pipe. Better to go to the gym. Except…

A third incident in two months at Planet Fitness. Again, the victim locked the locker, then returned to find everything, including the lock, gone. For all you Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys out there, the other reports are here and here.

Last Tuesday afternoon, a Payless customer wanted to pay even less (indulge me), and was seen removing merchandise totaling $42.98 from a display. When confronted, she scratched and punched an employee and ran out, possibly in hot sneakers.

On Grace Court last Sunday, a woman was getting ready for church when she noticed the jewelry boxes that had been kept hidden in her sweater drawer were empty. Total amount lost was $1,349.61. The only other person with access was the cleaning woman. This makes me happy I can’t afford a cleaning woman, though I wouldn’t mind a hidden jewelry box or two in my life. And that’s this week’s blotter.

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Heather, some very funny lines in there. Saturday Night Live may be contacting you soon. Always appreciate the few chuckles you provide.

    Personally, I think a comedy team of you and nabeguy could go very far indeed.

    Now if only one of you could play piano, the asphalt steps in BBP would be standing room only.

  • Matt

    Hey Heather,
    Your downstairs neighbor here. You had me slightly panicked for a second there about the flood! I hope everything turned out alright

  • Heather Quinlan

    Matt! All taken care of. Well, sorta. The plumber’s supposed to come tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath. Instead I’m ordering takeout.

  • David on Middagh

    So sorry to hear of the burst pipe, Heather. But… how? We’ve had burst pipes in my building, but only after sub-20-degree winter nights.

  • Arch Stanton

    Sounds like the Brooklyn Marriott got a bit cheaper; the last time I checked it was a no ifs, ands or buts $400 a night….

  • justaneighbor

    Heather- you’re a rock star. Hope the pipes are fixed and takeout was fabulous.

    For future reference, you may want to check this article’s hotels out: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/20/travel/20hotels.html

  • Tuna Loaf

    State and Atlantic are parallel to each other.

  • joseph

    84th Precinct crime is going through the roof and the captain of the precinct is a dope, and a tool, . He doesn’t respond to our concerns. Numerous calls to his office goes unanswered. Everybody should call to report any crime