84th Precinct Police Blotter – 5/18/10

bugleblotter-300x1711 A robbery at club Camp; a PTA treasurer steals from the kitty; and apparently the diamonds at Kay Jewelers are real. It’s this week’s police blotter.

This reporter braved the intersection of Deadly Tillary and Hideous Flatbush Avenue Extension to bring you this week’s tale of the innocent and not so. We begin with a woman who accidentally left her bag inside a club called Camp at 179 Smith St. When she returned to retrieve it, she found someone else had gotten there first. Cameras were in the establishment, but as of the day of the report it was unclear whether they worked. The thief got away with credit cards, driver’s license and a Canon camera.

At the Jewelry Exchange in the Fulton Mall, a worker accidentally gave an unknown customer someone else’s jewelry, which the customer willingly took. It was a yellow/white gold necklace with a Virgin Mary pendant. The most surprising part of this story is the surveillance cameras actually worked! Hooray for Big Brother! But the perp has yet to be caught.

From the northeast Corner of Clinton and Atlantic comes a story I can’t quite figure out. I copied it verbatim from the report— perhaps someone out there can translate. A woman claimed she was approached by two men holding a wallet, one of whom asked, “Is this yours?” The unknown perp then escorted her via minivan to the HSBC on Montague St, where she withdrew $5,000 because the perp told her he needed serial numbers to pay her $800,000. Upon returning they took the money out of her hands and dropped her off at home and stated they would contact her later. If this is a ruse, it’s the oddest one I ever heard of, but apparently it works.

The treasurer of the PTA for PS 307 made off with $2,897.80. This was not a ruse, but apparently it works as well.

While performing an authenticity check of the merchandise at the Kay Jewelers on 446 Fulton St., a worker noticed much of the merchandise was fraudulent. The last check before that was three days earlier on 5/8. We’ve stumbled upon a case where the video cameras again worked, and an unknown perp was seen grabbing merchandise over the counter and appearing to put it back. Police are now on the hunt for the Kay Jeweler Thief. Personally, I would be happy to keep an eye out for the Tiffany Bandit.

At 464 State St., a woman claims thieves entered her apartment on 5/11 and took two Apple laptops. Allow me to put on my detective hat for a moment and say that this reminds me of another robbery from the 4/20 Police Blotter that occurred on 480 State St. Here, a woman claimed a thief broke into her apartment and took … two Apple laptops. Is there an two-Apple laptop crime spree? Investigating …

Finally, for those keeping score, there were no handbags stolen from Macy’s this past week, nor any mention of the Duane Reade test strip thief. I was not able to scope out the scene last Saturday, but I may just head over to Duane Reade this Saturday morning see if he strikes again. Until next week …

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  • Karl Junkersfeld


    For these reports, you actually go to the police station and look at the blotter? I thought you got the information from a Brooklyn Newspaper.

    And I agree, that corner on Tillary and Flatbush is super dangerous. I can never understand the traffic lights there.

  • WillowtownCop

    You have to remember that the police report is a restatement of the story given by the “victim”- in this case, someone so stupid as to get in a van with creepy strangers and hand them $5,000 in the hopes that they will share $800,000 that they claim to have found with her- and then calling the police about it. Keeping found property is a crime also- I would have taken the report from her, and then arrested her for attempted misapplication of property.

  • AAR

    Note on dangerous intersections: You are lucky to get as far as Tillary and Flatbush Ext. Coming from BH the corner of Cadman Plaza West/Court, Clinton and Tillary is at least as treacherous when cars moving East on Tillary make a left turn toward Court. A sincere three cheers and a gold star for Heather actually going to the Precinct to get information.

  • clark st fashionista

    i love these, thanks for doing them.

  • lori

    Re: The unknown perp then escorted her via minivan to the HSBC on Montague St, where she withdrew $5,000 because the perp told her he needed serial numbers to pay her $800,000. This scam has been around for years – just like the old handkerchief trick performed by “psychics”, and people still fall for it? YES, and there are still some people who fall for the Nigerian emails.

  • Andrew Porter

    I think I saw the victim, who commonly wears a turban-like hat, being escorted by police back to her apt building on my street.

    Lori, can’t reply to you, have to e-mail my PIN number to a friend in Nigeria…

  • Lou K.

    Thanks for this latest installment!