Tree Drama at Hillside Dog Park Ends in Sawdust

Pooches frolic around a new patch of mulch at the Hillside Dog Park last week.   On Wednesday, a tree limb fell onto the grounds with almost tragic results.  Details after the jump.


BHB reader “Tony” reports:

This afternoon at about 2, a huge limb and branches came crashing down on a picnic table in Hillside (dog) Park. The park was almost empty at the time and no one was hurt. There was a gentle breeze, but no strong gusts. Dogs had been playing under the tree only moments before when it gave a crack followed by a crash. I was sitting with my back to it just a few feet from the end. It happened so fast, I would not have been able to get out the way. This follows several other park/tree tragedies, including the terrible injuries suffered by Sasha Blair-Goldensohn almost a year ago in Central Park (I was his 4th grade teacher).

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  • Tony

    Interestingly enough, there are rumors going ’round that tell of kids swinging on the branch (the night before it happened) and bringing it down. Several people have stated this as fact. Worth noting is that the Parks dept. took care of it within 24 hours.

  • AAR

    The flowering pear trees in Squibb Park and along many BH streets are particularly prone to this type of accident due to their fast growth and fan shape. Alas, these characteristics make them very attractive, but due to their frailty they have been removed from the NYC Parks Department approved list.