BHA Pub Crawl Thursday, August 5 (You Read That Right)

Yes, those uptight folks at the Brooklyn Heights Association are putting aside their fabled reserve for an evening and sponsoring a tour of four of the nabe’s best watering holes, which will be serving up their most tantalizing concoctions (though, sadly, not including the past president’s fave, the van den Bout boilermaker: Shiner Bock beer with a shot of Dutch Genever gin), along with hors d’ouvres. The price of admission is a mere $25. More information is available here. To reserve, e-mail

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  • Wiil-O

    The lineup is strange for a “pub crawl” seeing that no pubs are involved except for Roebling Inn. Isn’t Armando’s much more of a restaurant than a bar? Kind of a rough route too, from Atlantic to Dumbo. Would be nice to add Montero and Floyd on the south, Jack the Horse, Henry St. Ale House, and… oh yeah, I forgot – that’s basically all we’ve got!

    “The mixmasters at Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar, Armando’s, Pete’s Waterfront Alehouse, and Roebling Inn will offer specialty cocktails to the first 25 thirsty few who purchase these tickets.”

  • DrewB

    I agree! Armando’s?!?!?! Give me a break. Who picked these places? Even when the BHA tries to be cool it painfully out of it. They should stick to home tours.

  • Heather Quinlan

    In the BHA’s defense, Jack the Horse turned them down because they said their bar wasn’t big enough for the 25 people + regular customers. A couple others had the same issue, and one restaurant didn’t have a liquor license yet.

  • Remsen

    I applaud the effort… tough to get a Montague street pub crawl given the lack of bars… an Atlantic ave crawl would have been easier and would have added Montero’s

  • Ben

    May I buy you a drink Heather?

  • the Where

    Homer should do a pub crawl. Who’s with me?

  • Heather Quinlan

    Awww, Ben … :)

  • someone

    Shiner Bock? Which bar serves that? Yummy. Have never seen that in NYC and thought it was “limited” to Texas or the South.

  • Ben

    Hey someone – speaking of limited to the South where may I buy Pimento Cheese here in NYC? I would LOVE to fix a few pimento cheese and crackers but I can not find it north of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Mama would send it to me in a care package when I was a younger guy. Pimento cheese?

  • Claude Scales

    someone: According to this 2007 blog post, you can get Shiner Bock at Rodeo Bar, 3rd Avenue and 27th Street, Manhattan. I checked the link, and R.B. is still in business.

    Ben: A couple of years ago, there was some discussion on Chowhound about where to get pimento cheese in New York. It doesn’t look too encouraging, but you might check Fairway to see if they ever restocked, or the Morton Williams store at Bleecker and LaGuardia in the Village. Or, you could try making your own.

  • hoppy

    Oh, please….. Shiner Bock is not worth seeking out up here…I dare anyone to choose it over Brooklyn Lager in a blind taste challenge.

  • nabeguy

    With a name like hoppy, I’ll have to defer to your opinion.

  • someone

    Shiner Bock is just a beer I havent had in a long, long time and during those times it was the only drinkable beer you could get in Texas that wasn’t Miller, Coors or Bud or the occasional Beck’s or Heineken. At that time I recall Brooklyn Brewery only had Ale and Lager.