84th Precinct Police Blotter – 6/8/10

bugleblotter-300x1711 Girl hoods on Jay St; a 13-year-old gets mugged on Jay St.; and a man gets punched by a phony cop on Jay St. It’s this week’s police blotter.

Though there was a lot of nefarious action on Jay St. this past week, I’m going to start by zipping on over to Gold St. 99 Gold, to be exact. (You’d know the building because the “99” is in gold letters.) I’m going to risk getting flamed by stating that 99 Gold is possibly my least favorite building in Brooklyn. It looks like it was lifted from the set of Godfather 2—specifically Hyman Roth’s apartment in Cuba—and dropped onto DUMBO. Nothing says Brooklyn like Batista’s Cuba. (I will confess, however, it does look nice at night.) Moving right along: there was an incident at 99 Gold last Monday—a MacBook Pro was delivered and signed for by the doorman, who stored it in the package room. When there was a shift change, the overnight doorman stated “he might of [sic] left the package door unlocked.” Whether he did or not, the MacBook was gone by the time the morning doorman arrived.

Now, back to Jay St. I’ll go in chronological order. At 3:30 p.m. on Monday, a Parks Department employee boarded the A Train at Jay St. By the time the train reached High St., the victim noticed his back pocket was cut out and his wallet gone.

At 10:15 that night, a man was standing in the doorway of the A train when it stopped at Jay St. At that moment, the doors opened and a perp reached in and stole the man’s BlackBerry. The man gave chase onto the street (or “topside”), but once there, the perp’s accomplices beat him up before running off.

At 7:35 p.m. on Wednesday, a woman walking down the platform at Jay and York was approached from behind by two men who grabbed her iPhone. The victim struggled but both males fled topside. Happily for the victim, the iPhone was recovered and returned with its apps intact.

Roughly three hours later on the corner of Fulton and Jay, a man sitting in his car stated that a male approached him and said he was a cop. He then punched the man in the face, and stole $150 and a cell phone off his lap. The thug jumped into a black Lincoln Town Car and fled onto Livingston St.

At Fulton and Jay Sts. at 2:30 p.m. Friday, a group of teenage girls approached a 15-year-old girl and reportedly told her, “We’re gonna get you for beating up our friend.” They then punched her and stole her book bag.

Thirty minutes later at Jay and Nassau, a 13-year-old girl was approached by two thugs who pointed a gun at her and threatened to kill her unless she gave them her iPod. So she gave them her iPod and they fled on foot toward Nassau St.

That brings to a close the Jay St. incidents, though there are a couple more to report in the neighborhood. At 250 Cathedral Place on Thursday, a 17-year-old male was approached by two men who pushed him against a fence and took $40. This is not good – Cathedral Place is where my great-great grandparents got married in 1880, therefore hallowed ground, and I’m not allowing any mischief to go on there if I have to patrol the place myself. You’ve been warned, perps and thugs—there’s a 5’2″ redhead who will cut you down with nothing more than caustic wit and biting sarcasm.

Finally, at Cadman Plaza West and the BQE, a man reported he was driving his car when a 2005 Toyota Highlander approached him on the passenger side. The Toyota driver then threw a plastic pottle bottle through the window, striking the driver in the wrist. Despite the injury, the victim was able to write down the road rager’s license number. And that’s this week’s police blotter.

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  • Ben

    This is NOT very entertaining or at all interesting Crime.

  • anon

    Heather–Any news on my query of last week about the car accident at the intersection of Court and Atlantic Avenue on Saturday, May 29th? A taxi hit a pedestrian around 11am-12pm or so. There were police and an ambulance present at the scene.

  • AAR

    A difference of opinion – This is VERY ENTERTAINING and INTERESTING. But I do wonder about the “pottle” thrown into the window of the car…..a new favorite tool of thugs?

  • Nancy

    I’m guessing it wasn’t fun or entertaining for the kids who wer mugged and beaten up, though.

  • nabeguy

    Better a pottle than a pottie.

  • Heather Quinlan

    I’ll work on inciting more violence for next week. In the meantime–sorry @anon, no news on the car accident.
    Did I write “pottle”? Word.

  • WillowtownCop

    99 Gold Street isn’t nearly as ugly as 360 Adams, which is the ugliest building I’ve ever seen.

  • cat

    Oh, Ben, don’t you know Heather is our best crime reporter yet? She is serious and entertaining! She doesn’t report crimes at the non-existent corners of perpendicular streets (e.g. the corner of Clinton and Henry) as our previous crime reporter was wont to do, and she even does a little deducing herself, e.g. the odd string of Apple laptop thefts.

    Personally, I’m going to stay away from Jay Street.

  • justaneighbor

    Several more reasons to stay away from Jay.

    And, nice job, Heather. You go girl!

  • Ben

    I watch so many Law & Order reruns on TNT every night and Heather’s crimes do not compare with those of fiction writer Dick Wolf. How could an accident at Court & Atlantic NOT be reported to Heather by the Precinct? What happened last month the the psycho on Montague Terrace with the hose who attacked his wife with the water preassue from the hose the guy knocked her down sprayed off her eyeglasses into the street for a cab to run over crush them? Now that was entertainment!

  • Ben

    And what was the out come of the woman from 2 Montague Terrace who was arrested for fraudulent use of a NYC Handicapped Parking placard? The wife of a local newppaper publisher was removed in handcuffs, kicking, screaming, cursing, from her luxury digs because NYC Dept. of Investigation found her to be paking her luxury BMW SUV out front with an exprired permit that had been issued to her son for a high school type sports injury, she did NOT return the expired permit to DOT as the rules say. Did she pay a fine? Did she get community service? Did she go to jail? I did hear that she was thrown into a holding cel with a bunch of whores, crackheads, etc. What ever happend to the Mrs. from Two Montague Terrace who fraudulently used NYC handicapped parking privileges?

  • lori

    Moral of the story: Stay away from Jay Street!

  • Lou K.

    “You’ve been warned, perps and thugs—there’s a 5′2″ redhead who will cut you down with nothing more than caustic wit and biting sarcasm.”

    Love it!

  • joseph

    what happened on sand street in the 84th Precinct. 3 people shot, I think the 84 precinct should do something about it.

  • joseph

    Another fine example of the commander head in the 84th precinct doesn’t know what is going on..