Brooklyn Heights Synagogue Receives Bomb Threat

According to the New York Daily News, at about 5:15 PM yesterday the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue, 131 Remsen Street, received an email stating that a bomb was on the premises. Three employees evacuated. Police came and found no bomb. This followed similar threats earlier on Saturday against two Manhattan synagogues. Shortly after the threat against BHS, the Brooklyn Museum received an email stating that bombs were planted in the 2 and 3 subway lines, which run close to the Museum. In all of these instances no bombs were found.

The Daily News story states, “[c]ops have not said whether the threats are linked.” However, it also quotes

[a] security bulletin obtained by the Daily News [that] said the synagogue threats were all the work of a single person who sent out a mass email to 14 Jewish houses of worship in Manhattan, two in Brooklyn, five in Queens, one on Long Island, one in upstate Utica and one in Iowa.

According to this “mass email,” it was the work of “Terrorizers 111.”

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