Everything’s Coming Up Roses For Mr. Junkersfeld

Our man Karl visits Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and is delighted to meet Rosa rugosa.

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  • nabeguy

    Nice vid Karl, but remember to wear your SPF lest you start looking like a rosa rugosa

  • Monie

    Beautiful video, Mr. J. I could actually feel the breeze from the steps…and the flowers are going to be a lovely addition (love that bee, too…).

  • lori

    Funny story about rosa rugosa -after flowering is over, you can harvest the “rose hips” also called “nippon” which make a great tea or soup. Many years ago, an old Swedish man went out to Riis Park in the fall to harvest some of the hips. Cops couldn’t figure out what he was doing, but when he explained, they wished him good luck and allowed him to continue. Would that happen today?