Open Thread Wednesday 6/9/10

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Flickr photo by plate of the day

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  • Monie

    I longed to live in a 2BR in Brooklyn Heights but finally admitted, reluctantly, that this is not possible in my retirement-as-a-nurse situation. Still, I MUST live somewhere in Brooklyn because I am expecting my first grandchild there soon. IT’S (will be) A BOY!. So, I find I can more easily pull off the 2-BR by moving to Park Slope instead of the Heights. What are Park Slopers to Heights folks? I am thinking “Cousins” or “Country Cousins” – What? Anyhow, I will be so glad to get moved in early summer. Still going to visit my Heights haunts and read BHB regularly, though.

  • PJL

    Anyone have any recommendations for wedding/reception venues in the area? Not sure where to start….



    PJL- how many people will be attending the reception? is their anything that your venue MUST have? what specific boundaries does “in the area” have geographically? also sometimes having a price point can quickly narrow things down.

  • SML

    PJL – In terms of a venue – we went to a great wedding / reception at Galapagos Art space in Dumbo this spring. Not sure how condusive it is for a sit-down dinner, but for a cocktail reception it was great. The food was nothing to write home about, but I would assume you can bring in your own caterer.

  • lori

    Bubby’s in DUMBO

  • lifer

    I went to a reception at Bubby’s, and was pleasantly surprised. It was a great time.

  • LD

    Hi BH friends,
    Dont know if you’re all aware of but it’s now offering daily discounts in Brooklyn. I’d love to see more Heights/Boerum Hill/Cobble Hill businesses on the site.

  • Peter

    I haven’t heard much about the River Deli lately. How is it? Worth a visit? How would you compare it to Al Di La, Noodle Pudding, Queen, etc?

  • anon

    I’ve been told that I’m too handsome for my job. Ok, it was me and I was looking in the mirror, but it COULD’VE been someone else except they’re too shy to say something.

  • another jen

    i’ve heard good things about the Montauk Club in Park Slope for a wedding reception.

  • john todd

    anon –

    i was just fired from washington mutual for the same reason

  • Alanna

    What is your favorite roll from Iron Chef?? I live that 2005 one…

  • BH Lover

    Had the best meal at Ozu last night. Crazy Roll was amazing. It’s so much better than Iron Chef and still no liquor license so its byob! It was pretty quiet so if you’re a sushi lover, try it out.

  • Claude Scales

    Alanna: I’m with you on the 2005 roll. Others I like a lot are the monkey roll, which features tempura shrimp with avocado and sauces, and the spicy yellow dragon roll, which is similar to the 2005, but has mixed vegetables instead of sweet tofu.

  • tb

    Ozu needs to upgrade the chopsticks. Seriously. The splinter sticks don’t jive with the decor and great food.

  • Joe

    Monie congrats on being a grandma/grandpa. Personally I love BH over Park Slope due to commute to Manhattan. Do you have to have a 2br?

    PJL, My sister and my friend attended a reception at Bubby and swears its great in terms of food and venue. I personally love Frankie’s if your having a small little party and they have the wonderful courtyard.

    I also attended a wedding at the botanical garden and that was great too.

  • Rabbi Aaron Raskin

    I Sent my three kids for orthodontic treatment to Dr. Ted Rothstein on 35 Remsen St. He is a warm and cordial person, and is happy to go the extra mile!

  • Pineaplle St.

    Does anyone have a good way of dealing with the obnoxiously loud motorcycle that is revved every day by the super at 59 Pineapple St. I know several people have asked him to stop, but he continues to rev his bike at every opportunity. It is clear he has removed his muffler, as street bikes do not make such a noise. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • CharlieSahadi

    While my knowledge is dated (~2yrs old), Bubby’s is/was one of the best deals in the ‘hood for a group over 50 people. The food was surprisingly good, and the room and views can’t be beat.

    Lifer had a blast that evening, I have the pictures to prove it.

  • BH Lover

    tb – I couldn’t agree with you more. The chopsticks are the cheap ones. I think they could use the business though. We left at 7:30 last night and there were only 2 other groups there.

  • PJL

    Thanks for the advice!!

  • Jen

    Ozu could also stand to change the music. We ate there Monday night around 8 and the club music was too bassy, too loud, and just wrong for that crowd and that hour. Food and service were both excellent and the place was about 2/3 full. It is still byob, which makes for a relatively cheap meal out. Wayyyy better than Iron Chef House.

  • nabeguy

    I see that the latest Key Food debacle got picked up by gothamist. If nothing else, the place is a good source for pulpo fiction.

  • bhmom3

    Does anyone know when that cupcake place on Montague is going to open? Or City Chemists?

  • x

    The cupcake place is supposed to open up in the summer… They just started reconstruction/remodeling this week..

  • nabeguy

    City Chemists seems to be taking a long time to get their act together. I know it’s a large space, but does anyone know if anything is going on construction-wise?

  • Joe

    I always thought Iron Chef House was totally overrated. I have friends who drive from westchester to eat there. Surprising since I cant walk two blocks to eat there. Where is Ozu?

  • Andrew

    Ozu is in the former Sea Asian space on Clark St. just west of Henry St.

    As much as I love Iron Chef, I’m not convinced it’s any more than neighborhood good. It’s a solid neighborhood sushi joint (for any ‘hood, not just for the lowered expectations of Brooklyn Heights), but definitely not worth coming in from another ‘hood or county for.

  • Monty

    At the risk of sounding racist, Iron Chef is run by Chinese people. Whilst there is no reason good sushi can’t be made by Chinese people, I have yet to encounter it. Hibino is far more authentic and better quality IMO. Blue Ribbon Sushi Brooklyn (5th ave in Park Slope) is my all-time favorite.

  • the Where

    Monty you contradict yourself in the same comment. You don’t like sushi by non Japanese but love Blue Ribbon. Last time I checked the owners were named Bromberg. What part of the great Nippon Empire are they from?