Open Thread Wednesday 6/9/10

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Flickr photo by plate of the day

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  • BH resident

    I’d love to know suggestions for a dog walker for our new puppy? Anyone have good experiences with a new puppy and having someone come by daily to take the dog out? She will be too little for group walks for a few more months.

  • justaneighbor

    Does anyone know of a good locksmith? I’ve got an old apartment key (my building is pre-war) and nobody around here can seem to match it. I’ve tried the shop on Henry off Clark and the big hardware store on Court/Livingston can’t match it. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Almost all sushi joints in the Big Bagel are staffed by Chinese.

  • Alanna

    As a tenant in the building above the cupcake place “Crumbs” I hear the construction starting at 8am on weekdays. Its so loud sometimes my walls shake, ha. Landlord told me renovation should be completed by end of July. Opening mid-August.

  • Christy

    Anyone know of good taylor in the Heights or nearby neighborhoods? I have a very large dress that needs to be taken in to fit my very pregnant frame!

  • GHB

    “Anyone know of good taylor”
    There’s James, Elizabeth, Robert, Swift, Lord &, and a few others, I’m sure…

  • anon

    @ GHB-cute cutting remarks. It is easy to make fun of her typo, but have you ever tried to create a joke out of whole cloth? Hey, maybe that would be a good idea for a new thread–funny comments.

  • bhmom3

    Thanks, Alanna

  • nabeguy

    Lighten up anon. As for whole cloth, the tailor in the St. George building on Henry Street seem to have passed muster with the commenters on this site.

  • Andrew Porter

    Did anyone notice that the front entrance to 160 Columbia Heights appeared Wednesday night on “David Letterman” during a comic bit about where Obama used to live in Manhattan? Also visible was the stoop of 162. The entryway of 160 had been altered to read “Obama Towers” or something.

    Meanwhile, I am happy to note that the scaffolding and sidewalk shed in front of the Heights Casino was removed this afternoon, all work hopefully having been finished.

  • Andrew Porter

    Brownstoner has an interesting article about the church at the corner of Monroe and Pierrepont:

    Note that they cover many of the buildings in BH. Near this is a photo of and coverage of 55 Middagh Street, which will be undergoing a major overhaul adding new windows, dormers, and other changes:

  • Joe

    I don’t much like Hibino anymore either so sushi in BH area has been bust. Hibino started out great and ingredients fresh (I used to eat there/do take out 1 to 2 a week) and then about a year ago it all went down hill. After one particularly expensive and not so good dinner, I decided that I would go into the Manhattan if I’m craving japanese.