The Biggest Brooklyn Heights Blog Stories of 2009

This year was one nutty, weird, sad, depressing, exhilarating, fantastic rollercoaster ride.   Thanks to our regular contributors for all their hard work year-round: Claude Scales, Thomas Garry, Diana Rosenthal (Cobble Hill Blog), Lillian Ann Slugocki, Marc Hermann, Sarah Portlock (Chief Correspondent Emeritus) and Karl Junkersfeld.

Also mega-kudos go out to our “tipsters” who broke many of the stories on the list below.

Above, one of the most watched Brooklyn Bugle TV videos of the year: The Chickens of Brooklyn Heights reported by Sarah Portlock.

Here are the most viewed stories on BHB month by month:

January: You Must be from Brooklyn Heights If…

February:  High Heat for 90 Minutes

March:  A Tea Lounge in Brooklyn Heights

April: DUMBO Death Plunge

May: Hey Wait a Minute Mr. Postman

June:  Heights Wine Bar Opens

July: Paps Get Best Shots of Robert Pattinson in Brooklyn Heights

August: Miraculous Brooklyn Bridge Jump

September: Official BHB Reader Endorsement Poll – The Herd for the 33rd

October: Please Be Advised

November: Watchtower Trick of Tracts in North Heights

December: Dad Slapped at Starbuck’s: Brooklyn Heights Justice or Just Plain Crazy?

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  • tb

    I KNEW I heard chickens.

  • Sue

    I worked at that record store on Montague and would buy my bagels at the place next door. And, Netties was where you went to buy “stockings”and gifts for your mom. JoMels was the very best place to buy toys and I still miss them.

  • someone

    Not a single dock street story is part of that list?

  • Homer Fink

    Dock st stories not in top 5 any month for that matter

  • nabeguy

    Poor Guder! Not only does he get a lump of coal in his stocking, but he gets left off of this list.

  • Lynda

    Thank you for bringing these stories to us, gang. Here’s to 2010!

  • No One of Consequence

    How is it tallied, by views or by comments?
    There were probably so many different dock st posts that it spread out the comments.
    If by views, is it only counting unique visitors?