Heights Wine Bar Opens

Oenophiles rejoice. The door was open, the bartender was pouring, and customers were enjoying their drinks and conversation at the new Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar, at Henry and Cranberry, on Thursday evening.

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  • cranberry

    Everything was great – food, drinks, wine, and staff. So glad to have it open!

  • LS

    Can’t wait to go. Been waiting so long.

  • AEB

    Have to say I don’t get it.

    But then, I’m not part of the “target demographic”…..

  • Peter

    AEB, just curious … don’t get what? A quiet place to relax with a nice glass of wine, what’s there not to get? Not many — or any — places in the ‘hood to enjoy such a luxury other than this, unless I am mistaken?

  • Curmudgeon

    AEB – I am sincerely curious. Who would be part of the “target demographic”?

  • brklynguy

    Mark has serve us well, lterally and figuratively, for twenty years; his bistro fare is consistantly spot on and where can get better duck? Or even Elk? – goes very well with his recommended full-bodied selections. His wine list, while short, had sufficient bandwidth for such straight forward cuisine and he was always good with a recommendation. I wish him and his partner good luck with this venture.

    From a target demographic.

  • noone

    is alan young still involved with this space?

  • nabeguy

    Geez, noone, I hope not.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    As I understand it, the reason it took so long to open is that the owners applied for a new liquor license because they didn’t want to operate under the old one issued to Mr. Young.

  • LS

    Attempted to go tonight but as soon as I walked in, had to walk out. The air conditioning wasn’t working. It was 15 degrees cooler outside than it was in there. Will attempt to go again over the weekend or next weekend.

  • AEB

    Peter et al, don’t mean to be curmudgeonly, nor to begrudge anyone his or her pleasure. And of course I welcome anything in the Heights that brings much needed specialty service.

    Nonetheless, my experience at the wine bar in its earlier manifestation was that, apart being cramped and noisy, it offered wine and perfunctory food, the latter having little to do with the former. And for me, sipping wine sans food doesn’t make it.

    But perhaps things have changed. I’ll check the new place out.

    As for my “demographic remark” as one gets (I’d say this on the inhaled breath, if I could) o-l-d-e–r, the pleasures of being in such a space for a protracted period of time diminish inversely to the increasing din, almost inevitable as alcohol hits the human brain.

  • Homer Fink

    In the coming week I will be announcing our “BHB Recession Busting Rolling Thunder Tour” … we will be congregating at different places to provide a most needed stimulus to area watering holes… stay tuned!

  • Matthew Parker

    Homer, great idea for a series! Hope you highlight La Mancha, which has some awesome sangria (I prefer white) and tasty relatively low priced tapas. IMHO, it’s a undersung neighborhood gem.

  • http://www.localtvnews.wordpress.com Mark Joyella

    Homer, we’ll be there for the Rolling Thunder Tour…just let us know when and where!

  • Sahara


  • heightsdiho

    We were there on Saturday night and had a lovely time. The food and drinks were quite good and our waiter was efficient and had a great sense of humor. Also nice to run outside to check out the fabulous fireworks. What were those in celebration of?

  • heightsdiho

    “there” being the wine bar…

  • Jennifer

    The fireworks were from South Street Seaport and were part of the start of the River to River summer series that the city puts on every year.

  • heightsdiho

    ah – thanks jennifer

  • Peter

    Tried to stop by on Friday night, but like others have posted, it was simply too warm to bear. That being said, I won’t hold that against this bar, because I can’t wait to return (to an air-conditioned room, of course). Great to have this venue in the neighborhood, and I will report on the wine itself once I get back there (more sooner than later) …

  • MM

    Does anyone know the Wine Bar’s hours? I believe I saw some of the hours for meals in an article which said they had dinner til 10:30 weekdays and 11:30 weekends. Is that their close time or will they stay opened later as a bar and just the kitchen close time?

  • Homer Fink

    I give the Wine Bar breakfast a big thumbs up. Check ’em out on the way to work!

  • wine pain

    the previous wine bar served tepid, hot red wine. a complete joke. hope the new place figures out that is what reputable wine bars do NOT do.

  • Homer Fink

    wp- Mark, co-owner, is a wine expert as anyone who has been to Henry’s End knows… so enjoy!!

  • LS

    Does anyone know if the air conditioning was fixed? Would like to drop by tonight but not if it’s still stifling hot in there.

  • abby

    As a 5 year lover of Henry’s End, we were thrilled to find out that Mark owned this place as well. We heard the same thing about the liquor license (didn’t want to have anything to do with the previous owner.) Love this spot, it is so nice to have it in the neighborhood. I’ve NEVER noticed a problem with the temperature in there. The portion size of the cheese has gone down, but otherwise everything is wonderful.