Official BHB Reader Endorsement Poll: The Herd for the 33rd

The Democratic primary for the 33rd NYC Council District is September 15. On September 14, we will announce the BHB Reader’s Candidate based upon the results of this poll. This is a new poll, so if you voted in our previous “unofficial” one, you’ll need to vote one more time.

BHB, the Brooklyn Bugle and Cobble Hill Blog’s editorial board never endorses candidates. Sure we may stir the pot a little but the act of endorsing a candidate is the sole domain of you, our readers. Vote away!

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  • Jazz

    Is it possible levin will lose the real election?

  • In The Heights

    If people really care about what happens to the district he will lose.

  • wendy dorf

    Steve listens to his future constituants and as a result of his experience has the capacity to work through government to respond to their needs.

  • Mike Rudolph

    Doug is passionate about helping others. You will not be disappointed with Doug representing you on City Council. Please take the time to meet him and you will immediately see the difference between him and the other candidates.
    Good luck Doug! Brooklyn and NY need you.
    Mike Rudolph

  • Edward Baran

    Biv’s the man !!!

  • In The Heights

    Wendy – That may be true about Levin, but he had no ties to this district at all. Let him live here, become part of the community before he decides to run. Doug Biviano and his family have lived in this neighborhood for years and are very involved at PS 8 and in other aspects of the community. Doug is running because he genuinely cares about the people of this district – his neighbors.

  • Rich Holden

    Good luck Biv.

  • Faten Mahran

    Good Luck!!

  • Jambu Marc

    Steve has the capacity to work through government to respond to their needs. Yes he can!
    Good luck steve

  • Faten Mahran

    Good Luck Steve!!

    Faten Mahran

  • Bring ’em back

    Doug Biviano’s got my vote. Its time we gave somebody that sounds truly different a chance! Let’s send a message on Sept. 15! Levin’s absenteeism from the campaign trail and his failure to interact with people on the street tells me an awful lot about who his REAL constituency is…

  • Eric Ost

    I ran into Steve Levin in the Tea Lounge in Park Slope yesterday while he was cooling down from walking the beat up there. He’s smart and extremely knowledgeable about NYC gov’t (and the national scene.) I was impressed. He’ll be a strong advocate for the 33rd.

  • Our Nabe

    It is funny to finally see the Levin spin-folks getting hip to BHB!

    Welcome, folks! You should know though that we are hip to Vito finally getting hip!!

    Levin’s a hack.

    Keep tryin’.

    Our Nabe

  • Coleman

    Levin’s a hack? Oh?

    From the numbers so far, it looks more like Levin’s back.


  • Jazz

    Looks to me that many “new” commenters are here and voting. They wouldn’t be on dial-up modems from the government cheese farms that Lopez uses to stuff the ballot box, would they?

  • Our Nabe

    Oh, no. Lopez stuff the ballot box? He is all about reform. Haven’t you heard. He promised it when he took over from Clarence “The Clink” Norman.

    Trying to inflate the results? That would never happen. Just like Doug “Where’s the Beef” Biviano wouldn’t have done the same thing.

    Our Nabe

  • Edward Baran

    It is rare to meet someone who is as singularly passionate about politics and is willing to put it all … and I mean ALL … on the line. The people of Brooklyn have no idea WHAT A BLESSING it will be to have this fierce competitor representing them when HE WINS this race in two weeks. Having had the pleasure of having known Doug for twenty years since our days at Cornell University … and knowing his character inside and out … he has … WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT … my full endorsement for Brooklyn City Council !!!

  • Our Nabe

    Give me a break. Biviano is going to tie for 5th.

    You can take that to the bank.

    Our Nabe

  • Mona Bregman

    The best choice for this council seat is JoAnn Simon. She is the only candidate that has a record when it comes to delivering solutions to the community. She has been there from the beginning on issues like residential permit parking traffic calming and affordable housing that is really affordable. She is a lawyer who has delivered for the disabled community, presenting arguments to the US Senate that appears in the Americans for Disabilities Act.
    She has been a community activist for the past 30 years. She has been against the Atlantic Mall since the beginning.
    JoAnn clearly has the experience to “hit the ground running o thr first day of the term.
    Vote for JoAnn Simon for council in the 33rd District.

  • nabeguy

    Man, reading this blog lately has become like trying to go to work at the Clark Street station in the morning…candidates or their supporters shoving leaflets at you. I think I’ll start taking the A train.

  • Our Nabe

    Yeah! Vote Jo Anne Simon. She is the only candidate to take $$$ from board members of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation. She’s the one stop shopping for conflict of interest on development in the park! That’s what I want in my next council person.

    Our Name

  • Deus

    Levin is bought and paid for. Go Biv!

  • nabeguy

    Given the SOP of NYC politics, I thinks it’s naive to believe that any of them are or will be above buying or selling their influence in order to achieve their means…its’s the nature of the beast (with Quinn being the chief lion-tamer)

  • Real Reform Brooklyn

    We strike again.

    See our latest posting on Stephen Levin and Vito Lopez. It should set those of you straight who have been taken in.

    And, yes, Doug “Where’s the Beef” Biviano is wrong again. We are not tied to any campaign. Just trying to get the word out. At this point, the Emperor of the Air is probably also going to say that Tom Robbins from the Village Voice is shilling for Thies. See the piece Stephen Levin & The Dark Side of the Force:

    Real Reform Brooklyn

  • jay

    we most break lopez for ever,and now is the time!!!

  • Johnny on the Block

    Go Biv!

  • nabeguy

    Thanks RRB. Let’s just all settle for business as usual. BTW, seen the NYT’s endorsement of Simon?

  • Sharon T.

    I am a new reader of his blog but I like what I hear.

  • Real Reform Brooklyn

    Someby has apparently logged in as us. We are going to report it to the site administrator. As for us, we do not support Levin and do not think he will win. See our posting on the Times endorsement. You may also want to see Atlantic Yards Report for it’s comments on our post to see we are not smoking crack.

    As for us, watch your back. We are still at WAR. :)

  • Homer Fink

    RRB – the troll’s post has been removed.

    For all candidate involved in the Herd for the 33rd, I suggest you all step up your game a little in the ethics category. This is becoming a real sh*tshow.