Marty Backs Lopez’s Levin for 33rd

Brooklyn Beep Marty Markowitz endorsed Vito Lopez staffer Steve Levin as his pick of the Herd for the 33rd yesterday:

Brooklyn Paper: In thinly veiled language, Markowitz made it clear that he endorsed Levin because he is the only candidate who supports the city’s plan for the Broadway Triangle, which opponents say is flawed because the city gave a no-bid contract to two Lopez-linked non-profits.

“I know Steve’s opponents think process is more important than results … but he understands that results are the most important thing,” said Markowitz.

How does this make “the people” feel?  Well there’s only one guy who can sum up what some folks in Brooklyn are feeling – Atlantic Yards Report’s Norman Oder:

Atlantic Yards Report: One of the enduring (and simplified) debates regarding the legacies of urbanist Jane Jacobs and master builder/power broker Robert Moses is the balance between results and process.

You can’t make an omelet, Moses liked to say, without breaking eggs, and Moses was notably callous about the impact of his major projects on the people living in the way. On the other hand, neighborhood activists invoking Jacobs have used process to gum up any change, even when it might be wise and even though Jacobs did believe in certain big projects, like public transit.

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