Paps Get Best Shots of Robert Pattinson in Brooklyn Heights


Photo: Mrs. Fink

Neighborhood lookey-lous saw a whole lot of Pierce Brosnan yesterday as well as some high-quality craft services (above) during the Cranberry Street filming of Remember Me.  Some onlookers caught a glimpse of the movie’s star attraction – Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson – but so far we’ve only seen one photo and that’s from paparazzi via Splash News.

Updated with many YouTube videos of Pattinson [7/15/09 11:45am]

BHB Photo - Homer Fink

BHB Photo - Homer Fink

There were many Pattinson fans hanging out around the shoot (above) as well as an appearance by NYC’s King of All Movie Shoot AttendeesRadioman (below).

BHB Photo - Homer Fink

BHB Photo - Homer Fink

And now the only shot we’ve seen so far of Pattinson in Brooklyn Heights:

Splash News

Splash News

And from YouTube video of last night’s filming and Pattinson’s arrival:

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  • JB

    Oh how I’d love to be one of the buttons on his…pants!

  • Yo’Face

    Mmm, that is sexy ! Yummm !
    How can someone so freakin’ sexy get hawter every damn day?

  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    Just saw the little lad. They were filming at the diner right outside my window on Pearl St. in Manhattan. Sorry, no photo. But man oh man the people who staff those films do absolutely nothing all day except stand around.

  • goldie

    Peirce Brosnan has been in showbiz for a long time now and still remains down to earth, by acknowledging his fans and the paps, even from a distance. That’s a real star. Rob should take notes.

  • lesetoiles

    These Youtube videos sicken me. I find it unacceptable that the blog is posting these. These people should leave the actors in privacy – the screams and giggles and comments may be natural – but imagine how the actors must feel? It’s aweful for them and impossible to live with. There is absolutely no reason to publicize this nonsense. I am so offended that I am thinking of canceling my email subscription to the blog. I am completely uninterested in reading about or promoting this kind of crap. Why would I be interested in in which the residents behave this way?

  • The Where

    Double your medication.

  • Jazz

    @lestoiles you sound like a frustrated actor to me… jealous of all the attention RPats is getting?

  • Sticky

    @Teddieboy. Yes, they do nothing all day.
    @lesetoiles. I agree and disagree. Luckily actors who live in the heights live private lives. This may be the new TMZ! Posts like this will kill the time Johnny Depp ordered coffee at Cranberry’s next to me. But Rpats is probably good for business. Not for residents.