Open Thread Wednesday 7/15/09

BHB Photo Club pic  by beachcowboy76

BHB Photo Club pic by beachcowboy76

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  • promenade

    Okay, I know a lot of cranky people might come out of the woodwork to complain about this, but I would love to know the facts…
    my babysitter and my children were outside our brownstone, drawing with chalk when a woman walked by and told her it was illegal to be drawing on the stairs and sidewalk – does anyone know if this true?

  • jay
  • sue

    Anyone know of a good SAT tutor in the heighborhood both for the regular and subject tests?

  • promenade

    thanks for the info Jay – unbelievable actually! sigh. can’t decide whether or not to actually hide the chalk.

    Sue – I know that Stuart Servetar tutors in the hood and works with many students from St. Anns, Packer, Friends and PS schools – all very successfully garnering high points on the SATs

  • brooklynite

    people need to lighten up. it is just chalk and typically kids only draw when it is the summer time. as long as you do it on your own property and it isn’t offensive I think people should let it slide. Sounds like that was a grumpy lady but i wouldn’t put it past some snobby person to call 311.

  • Bart

    I think it’s ok for kids to draw on the sidewalks as long as they don’t deface the heaps dog’s defecation that are also on the sidewalk.

  • John

    does anybody know why the city doesn’t paint the yellow lines
    in front of fire pumps anymore? is this a way of writing more tickets? I’ve seen them measure the distance with tape measures.

  • april fresh

    Any recomendations for a company to service our air conditioning units. We are long over due for servicing. Thanks in advance.

  • Chuck B.

    Anyone know what was happening on Clinton Street near the corner of Remsen last night? There were about a dozen fire trucks there, including the Batallion Chief’s truck, but I couldn’t tell what was going on.

  • promenade

    John – just give me the word and I’ll have my kids out there with their yellow chalk….

  • Claude Scales

    @Bart: it might not work with chalk, but tagging with spray paint has been done. See here (follow the link and scroll down). Caution: NSFW.

  • Daddy Dearest

    Drawing on the sidewalk or steps with chalk is allowed in Brooklyn Heights provided that before you draw, you submit a sample of the work and the colors to be used to Landmarks and get the appropriate permit.

  • sue

    Thanks Promenade! I will look to find his number

  • John

    I don’t want kids to get a nasty letter from the DOT
    or a summons. the city is money hungry now !
    but thanks for the offer promenade !

  • Monty

    The chalk drawing itself doesn’t bother me, but I do get annoyed when a gaggle of children (and parents) treat the sidewalk like a playground and monopolize space that is meant for foot traffic.

  • 1 love the Heights

    Does anyone know what happened Friday night (July 10th) at Court at Joralemon? I got out of the Borough Hall Station and there were several (3 maybe) fire trucks and an ambulance on the way. Saturday morning there was a Red Con-Ed truck and a Hazmat clean up truck outside of Starbucks and yellow tape- there was nothing on the news, and I was shocked that there was never anything on this site.

  • looking

    Anyone hear that the new development at 189 Schermerhorn went off the market for a second time? Is the market that bad for sellers?

  • Jane

    I am an SAT Tutor through Method Test Prep – I live in Brooklyn Heights and can be reached at

  • promenade

    Stuarts number is 917.499.5971. Web site is Good-luck!