DUMBO Death Plunge

Photo by M. Hermann/BHB

Photo by M. Hermann/BHB

Shortly before 9:40 this evening, a man jumped from the ninth floor of 70 Washington St., near York St., in DUMBO.  Cops discovered the man in a rear yard, where paramedics pronounced him dead.  Detectives are responding to conduct an investigation, but sources say he left a suicide note, apparently citing financial hardship and the mortgage as a motive.  His identity has not been made known, but he appeared to be in his 40s, they said.

Condos in the 100 year old converted building, which is owned by Two Trees Management, have recently sold for upwards of $2.2 million.

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  • another jen

    oh no! i heard the sirens screaming by and wondered because they usually don’t go so fast around here – that’s terrible.

  • E G

    Oh well. Shame. I guess he didn’t have it in him to wait for another, better, idea. RIP.

  • Nicole Feliciano

    This is deeply disturbing.

  • skunky

    wow. death by real estate. no mortgage is worth that.

  • artie

    why do any of you think this is remotely humorous?

  • http://beautiful7.com JoeyO Padovani

    Martin Was a GENIUS and I worked for him for 2 years. He was a brilliant man and I will MISS HIM. He was a dear friend to me. Im totally shocked and crushed by this!