Little People Visit Downtown Brooklyn

It sounds like a setup for an episode of CSI: New York – the 2009 Little People of America convention is being held at the Downtown Brooklyn Marriot this week through Friday. [Conference brochure here]

Brooklyn Eagle: “Brooklyn has been a very gracious host, opening up her heart to us and showing us the small town feel of a small neighborhood. Everyone in the community has been very warm and friendly,” said Michael Petruzzelli, conference co-chair. “The area has been truly friendly.”

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  • Billy Reno

    Please tell me there will be a rodeo!

  • AAR

    While trying to find the TKTS boxoffice today, I happened upon the Little Peoples Conference, an impressive array of programs, a vendor area and many, many little people and their sometimes not so little family members and significant others. I was struck by seeing so many little people in one place and especially by the inter-generational aspect of the attendance, including some very cool, very hip adolescents. I hope they have a great time and are warmly welcomed as they venture out of the Marriott.

  • alex

    I hope I see the Roloff family!

  • In The Heights

    Billy Reno – that is a discriminatory comment and the editors of this blog should take it down.

  • The Where

    Don’t be short with billy it was a small joke that shoudn’t dwarf his otherwise smart comments here.

  • In The Heights

    I’m curious to know who else you publicly discriminate against?

  • Greenlight

    Just read the first few pages of the brochure… I just feel bad for the attendees that the organizers didn’t know that a) Astroland closed last year, and b) the fireworks were on the Hudson this year.

  • In The Hoights

    @ Greenlight, can’t you overlook these shortcomings?

  • DAB

    “Brooklyn has been a very gracious host, opening up her heart to us and showing us the SMALL town feel of a SMALL neighborhood.” HA!

    They have a kindred soul in Mayor Mike, that’s why . . .

  • Joker

    its all good fun for you jokesters until you have a child with dwarfism which can happen to anyone without a bit of notice. Then your funny glasses come off and you begin to see the world through different lenses.

  • The Where

    Someone has a short fuse.