Alternate-Side Parking Suspended Starting Monday

Starting Monday, the Department of Transportation will begin a six to eight week suspension of alternate-side parking regulations in Brooklyn Heights, north of Joralemon Street. The suspension will also include Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO, Vinegar Hill and Fulton Ferry.

The suspension comes as the DOT installs more than 2,000 new signs that will have new, reduced street sweeping regulations. Map of the affected area after the jump.

The work is phase two or the three-part reinstallation of alternate-side parking signs. The third phase, which will start later this summer, will include the area south of Joralemon Street.

The new signs will reflect the new rules set by the Department of Sanitation, and include some residential street-sweeping being reduced from twice a week to just once a week. In other cases, only the time of day of the street-cleaning regulation will change.

Regular no parking signs (the ones without the broom) and parking meter regulations will still be in effect during the process.


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  • Robert Perris

    The map above is by itself incomplete. Drivers should bear in mind that Fulton Street and Myrtle Avenue are NOT included in the suspension area.

  • Matt

    Just to sanity check myself, Joralemon is suspended though, right? As the thick black line is below the street, unlike Fulton and Myrtle.

    Sweet summer sleep-in relief. This is fantastic.

  • Teresa

    Good news and bad news, methinks. Good news in that if you get a spot, you’re set. Bad news in that there will be less movement and thus it will be harder to find a spot on returning to the neighborhood, and I suspect that folks from other neighborhoods will come here to deposit their cars, as happened last summer when parking rules were suspended in Park Slope.

  • doubting thomas

    Teresa, what do you base those statements on? Anecdotes? A Department of Transportation study came to different conclusions:

  • Teresa

    A couple of friends who live in Park Slope, in the area where parking rules were suspended for most of last summer. I will obviously be quite happy if they are proven wrong!

  • Laura

    The suspension only applies to signs that have the broom on them, which many of them (i.e. all of the fruit streets) do not.

  • http://cranberry's jimbo

    today monday july 20 at 730am they installed new no standing signs on
    henry street at cranberry st. at 8am cars were being towed without any
    advance notice. another example of the unfairness toward law abiding
    citizens. I met a poor girl who borrowed her parents car and parked it legally
    sunday night and found her car towed monday. The signs where she parked
    read no parking tuesdays 1130a-1pm. Now the signs say no standing and
    the new street cleaning signs was changed to 800-930am.which means plenty
    of people will find tickets on their car when they go to move them by 1130a

  • Shakedown Street

    @ jimbo, I got nailed (parked at 6:15am; car was gone that evening). Email me on wallard (AT) yahoo DOT com if I can get you to write a statement as a witness. Thanks for the post. I thought I was losing my mind.

  • heightsdiho

    I was wondering about whether or not I needed to move my car on lower Willow St (broom sign there) so I called 311 for clarification. The guy on the phone told me that the suspension of alternate-side parking regulations in Brooklyn Heights was everywhere EXCEPT north of Joralemon Street… confused…. Is the confusion part of the plan? I moved my car.

  • Shakedown Street

    Keyboard got away from me above. email is wallardus (at) yahoo DOT com

  • Someone

    A safe spot to park a car seems to be the west side of Henry outside 20 Henry. Despite signs that state “no parking/standing anytime due to construction” cars parked there do not seem to get either tickets or get towed.

    We have gone through an incorrect tow (contradicting signs – No standing anytime vs street cleaning Friday’s) recently. To make matters more complicated the friends from the tow pound entered the license plate # incorrectly and the car was subsequently reported stolen. Finally after one (!) week it turned out they did tow the car. I had talked to a tow truck driver about the process and he then stated that they use the VIN number to record towed cars, not the license plate #. We then immediately had to pick up the car as otherwise they would have charged us storage fees. In addition to that they sent us to the wrong court to fight the ticket. The judge dismissed it immediately as we showed him pictures. My suggestion is to take pictures including somehow getting the street name in it, take a clipping of the article about street cleaning being suspended.

    The tow pound people were obnoxious. They didnt even offer an apology. The friends in blue let my girlfriend stand on the street corner for 2 hours before they showed up. 5 hours after we got the car out of the pound, they called us letting us know they located the car and we could pick it up at impound.

  • Montague Mike

    FYI, I saw a car being towed from in front of 20 Henry last week. YMMV.

  • Shakedown Street

    Yassky’s office has suggested people contact the Brooklyn Borough Commissioner’s Office of the NYC D.O.T. They’re at 16 Court Street, Suite #1620. (718) 222-7259.

  • Marc

    Does anyone know the exact date the suspension ends in Brooklyn Heights. All I could find on DOT’s website is 6 – 8 weeks. I don’t want to find my car towed thinking it is 8 weeks, and DOT stating 6 weeks.

  • Ramon
  • my2cents

    Is the alternate side parking still suspended as of today 8/25/09?