84th Precinct Police Blotter – 7/7/09

bugleblotterA pricey robbery tops this week’s police blotter. A woman had more than $5000 in cash stolen from her purse in broad daylight on June 30th. The incident happened just past 12:30 p.m. at the northeast corner of Cadman Plaza West and Tillary Street. The robber approached the woman and demanded “give me what you have” and then grabbed her by the wrists, removing $5000 from her purse.

An off-duty police officer was assaulted on Schermerhorn Street, between Boreum Place and Smith Street on June 29. Just past 8 p.m. a man lunged at the woman, biting her right hand. She was taken to Methodist Hospital, and the man was arrested.

A woman had her bag stolen from the Municipal Building on Joralemon Street on June 29. The woman said she left her bag on a counter and went downstairs, and the bag, containing her passport and credit cards, was missing when she returned.

Another woman had her wallet snatched from her bag as she entered the Chase Bank on the corner of Montague and Clinton streets on July 2. The woman said that a man walked closely behind her as she went into the bank, and when she got to the teller her wallet, containing credit cards, was missing from her purse.

And finally, another neighborhood car was stolen, this time near the intersection of York and Gold Streets. A 60 year-old woman parked her car on the evening of June 28, and when she returned the next morning, her vehicle was missing.

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  • TC

    Sadly, I just saw a woman hit by a car on Jay Street. Horrifying.

  • Bewildered

    I don’t understand how every week there are purse/wallet snatchings–all saying that the purse was “left briefly unattended.” Who in their right mind would leave their purse unattended in Brooklyn–at a municipal building or on a street corner–and not expect it to be stolen?! The assaults are one thing, I had my jaw broken by a group of guys in the heights, but the purse snatching, give me a break.