Open Thread Wednesday 7/8/09

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  • Joey 4 Prez

    Can anybody recommend a good dry cleaner in the–naw, just kidding.

  • Andrew Porter

    I looked at the empty store to the immediate left of Noodle Pudding on Henry between Cranberry and Middagh, and it’s been cleaned up and cleared out. Now that the front window has either been cleaned or replaced (not sure, but you can actually see through it now), it’s clear that the store goes back quite a way. A waiter at NP said that it’s owned by Cranberry’s. Except for a short-lived clothing store there in the 1980s, I think it’s been empty for three decades.

  • Charlie

    does anyone know of any private violin teachers in the heights?

  • alex

    Quiet day on Open Thread…

    Here’s a question for you all. A few weeks back, on what I’d hoped would be the first of many trips to Lucali’s, I had a bad experience. (In sum, entitled and aggressive patrons combined with an oblivious and disinterested host put me at the end of the line facing a two hour wait, when I should have gotten in for the first seating.) I left, swearing I’d never go back. But now I’m wondering… Maybe I should?

    What do you think? Is Lucali’s worth it?

  • another jen

    FYI – there’s no ferry to Governors Island from Brooklyn this weekend.

  • Peter

    I found Lucali’s to be quite good but way too pricey for what it is and have no desire to return with so many other great options out there. If you weren’t aware, it’s closed for a couple weeks due to a fire the other night –

  • Still Teething & Seething

    I posted late last week with no $$ responses as to the cost of a teeth cleaning, xrays and cavity fillings. I wasn’t sure if a dentist I checked with was too high (I have no dental insurance).

    @Charlie-Belanthi art gallery on Court by Trader Joe’s had violin lessons. Also, a parent had strongly recommended
    Julianne Klopotik,, who her kid was using.

  • promenade

    Still Teething – I go to Dr. Sussman on Remsen street – dentist bills terrify me and I’ve since blanked out the amount in my mind to keep me sane – BUT I do know that he was reasonable compared to my previous dentist – give them a call – they’ll tell you how much things cost: 718.855.7545

  • Teddy

    What’s the status with Tazza & their “missing” tables?

  • Dia

    the man who collapsed on joralemon near the borough hall monday morning…is he all right? did he respond when the firemen came.

  • justaneighbor

    What’s the story on Bastille Day festivities on Smith Street? Anything happening this Sunday?

  • Homer Fink
  • justaneighbor

    Thanks Homer!