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Riverside Apts Makes Case with Pretty Website

As previously reported, the Pinnacle Group owners of the Riverside Apartments on Columbia Place and Joralemon Street, really really want to build a parking garage in the courtyard of the complex. It’ll be extra fancy with trees and stuff. For those of you who are into architectural renderings, Pinnacle has a website discussing its plan.

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Riverside Residents Speak Out on Parking Plan

The NY Daily News continues the drama that is the Riverside Apartments Courtyard Parking Lot Plan with comments from residents.  The bottom line – not many own cars as many BHB commenters mentioned earlier this week:

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Neighbors Fume Over Iris Cafe’s Java Fumes

Every dog deserves its day, right? Last year BHB had a heyday with the infamous Montague Street hotdog controversy, after a vendor dared to sell wieners to the olfactory offense of a number of readers. Even the New York Post got into the story. And now, a 2013 controversy involving Brooklyn Heights’ otherwise beloved Iris […]

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Squadron Urges Extension and Strengthening of Rent Regulations, End of Vacancy Decontrol

The Emergency Tenant Protection Act, the state statute under which residential rent regulation in New York City is authorized, expires on June 15. Governor Cuomo’s Executive Budget amendments released earlier this month do not provide for its renewal. This is a matter of concern for many Brooklyn Heights residents who rent instead of own, including […]

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Willowtown Association to Present “Alfred” Awards

This in from Ben Bankson, President of the Willowtown Association: The restorer of a long neglected brownstone in Willowtown in Brooklyn Heights, Jonathan Marvel, and the retiring chair of the tenants association at the Riverside Apartments also in Willowtown, William “Bill” Ringler, will become the first recipients of a new award, The Alfred, established by […]

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Haunted Follow-Up

A reader tipped us off to a New York Times article from August 7, 1899 that reports the death of five-year-old William Foster, who tragically fell from the balcony at 20 Columbia Place. Could this be the ghostly presence recently reported? (Or there may be more than one?) Interestingly, according to Property Shark the building […]

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Willowtown Fair Celebrates Preservation Pioneers and Present Day Advocates

At yesterday’s Willowtown Fair, local residents and politicos praised those who, in the past and today, have worked and are working to preserve the neighborhood’s character and scale. In the photo above, William Ringler, a member of the Board of Directors of the Willowtown Association, as well as President of the Riverside Apartments Tenants’ Association, […]

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Cobble Hill Towers Going Condo or If Alfred T. White Were Alive Today, He’d be Rolling Over in his Grave

Cobble Hill Towers, built in 1879 as an example of better housing for the poor,  will soon be converted to condominiums: Brooklyn Paper:  Tenants in the landmark building will be offered the chance to buy their apartments at insiders price such as $230,000 for a studio and $595,000 for a three-bedroom apartment. Owners would then […]

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National Grid Contractors Likely to Blame for Joralemon Blowup in Brooklyn Heights

A Joralemon Street resident told reporters at the scene of this afternoon’s manhole explosions that a neighbor’s home renovation crew may be to blame. Reports claim that work was being done near 25 Willow Place. [Bklyn20 reports that contractors working for National Grid — possibly to run a gas line into the home — may […]

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Tipster: Iris Cafe Coming to Willowtown Thursday

BHB newshound “AW” sends us this tip: I was walking home tonight down Columbia Place and noticed that one of the formerly empty storefronts was no longer empty. I stopped and talked to the person there. Apparently it’s going to be a coffee shop and will be open this Thursday. It’s called Iris Cafe. As […]

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