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NY Mag on Mailer

Brooklyn Heights' resident/King of All Literati, Norman Mailer, is featured in this week's New York Magazine: New York Magazine: The Rise of Mailerism…: In a six-decade career, Norman Mailer has written thirteen novels, nineteen works of nonfiction, two poetry collections, and one play. He’s directed four movies. He ran for mayor of New York, and […]

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Mailer’s Movie

The New Yorker has a story this week about nabe legend Norman Mailer and his brush with the movie business: The New Yorker: Tough Guy: Late on a recent Saturday afternoon, Norman Mailer, equipped with two canes, willed his eighty-four-year-old hips and knees up three flights of stairs in his Brooklyn Heights brownstone. He’d just […]

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Esquire on Mailer

Esquire: The Last Man Standing: There's no elevator. There's no elevator at Norman Mailer's apartment. I don't mean that the elevator isn't working. I mean that he lives in a walk-up in Brooklyn Heights. He's lived there since 1962, he says, but in 1962 he wasn't eighty-three years old, as he is now, and arthritis […]

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Mailer Speaks from Provincetown

Sure, Norman Mailer spends most of his time in Provincetown but he still has a place here in the nabe. Maybe we could housesit for him.  Cape Cod Times: Exploring the Roots of Evil: Although he still keeps a place in Brooklyn Heights, Provincetown has been home for him for 20 years, and most of […]

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Highlights of the Brooklyn Folk Festival 2023

The 2023 Brooklyn Folk Festival began on Friday evening, November 17 with a performance on the Main Stage in the Sanctuary of St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church by the Down Hill Strugglers (photo above) consisting of (left to right): Eli Smith, organizer and host of the Folk Festival; Jackson Lynch; and Walker Shepard, […]

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Brooklyn Heights: Home of the (Literary) Stars

It’s pretty well known that Brooklyn Heights has had more than its share of great writers as residents, but in response to a question from Heights resident “Lauren” the Eagle has interviewed another Heights resident, former Borough Historian John Manbeck, about the neighborhood’s literary history. We all (or most of us, I presume) know about […]

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RIP Rocco Scali, “The Barber of Brooklyn Heights”

Reader Martin Schneider sends us this sad news, as originally reported by him in the Brooklyn Heights Press: Rocco Scali, the legendary hair cutter who served Brooklyn Heights since 1958 and whose regular customers famously included Truman Capote, Arthur Miller and Norman Mailer along with many hundreds of long-time Heights residents, died Sunday, November 26 […]

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The Mystery of Katrina of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade Proposal is Solved

As previously reported, over the weekend someone posted a giant banner facing the Brooklyn Heights Promenade asking someone name Katrina to marry him. Well, this morning via the BHB inbox that mystery was solved. The brave lad asking for Katrina’s hand in marriage is writer/producer/actor John Buffalo Mailer, Brooklyn Heights native and son of long […]

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Heights History: A Look Into The Past Of Some Montague Street Restaurants

We recently went on a trip back in time at some of the restaurants in the North Heights. Now it’s time to start doing the same down on Montague Street. What was there before today’s eateries? What do the owners want you to order if you stop by? Let’s find out! Our first stop will […]

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We Just Can’t With This Elle Piece on Brooklyn Heights Fashion

Backintheday a cat named Robyn Hitchcock had an indie hit with a song called “Young People Scream”. The chorus “Old people, they make young people scream, old people they make young people want to lay down and die” was sort of an alternative battle cry for us snot nosed college radio kids. These days, I […]

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