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At Least They’re Real

A BHB tipster sent us this moldy display from a Henry Street eatery. We’re sure they’ve been freshened up by now and we do give kudos to them for not using icky plastic fruit as decoration. For the record, we prefer Moldy Peaches.

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BHB One Year Ago: Curious, Aren’t You?

BHB March 19, 2007: The mysterious “partners” who own and operate Corner of Cranberry have fired their first salvo in the rebirth of the location formerly known as Spanish themed restaurant Aficionada. On Sunday, BHB spotted a small sign in the papered-up windows of the restaurant begging the question to passersby “curious, aren’t you?” Read […]

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Eagle: Busy Chef Empire

The Brooklyn Eagle reports today on the planned 111 Court Street location of NoHe’s Busy Chef. The article mentions that during renovation of the store, workers uncovered many original architectural details. There’s also an outdoor patio, which begs the question is Busy Chef a fancy 7-11 or bistro?:

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New Neighbor: Wine Bar at 50 Henry

The space formerly known as Uncommon Grounds and touted to become UCG has unveiled itself as the Wine Bar at 50 Henry Street. The Brooklyn Eagle reports: Brooklyn Eagle: Corner of Cranberry Gets Social: Amanda Green, general manager, does admit to having put a lot of thought into what was going to work. “We wanted […]

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CB2 to UCG: OK

As reported yesterday, the reimagined Uncommon Grounds asked CB2 last night to approve its application for outdoor seating. The board voted to allow the proposal: 6 for, 2 against, 3 abstentions. The CB2 Executive Committee will make a final ruling before the board’s next meeting.

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“Busy Chef” Busy Copying and Pasting?

Among the many oddities that we are aware of surrounding the “Corner of Cranberry” (and there are quite a few), one of the silliest is alleged “copyright and trademark infringement”. Though that’s probably not the case, we’ve actually received a couple of emails about this, and a commenter “Capulets” brought it up again: Check this […]

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Bitter Behind Uncommon Grounds and Oven

We’ve learned via his bitterwaitress.net message board that Chris Fehlinger, the founder of the Bitter Waitress website and former GM of Food Maestro is involved with both Uncommon Grounds (which he says was put together in 10 days) and Oven on Henry Street. The concepts of both places are promising. This 1999 interview gives us […]

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Cranberry Comedy Continues

Christie Rizk unveils the identity of the mysterious Cranberry Corner “partners” as well as their plans for the shuttered Aficionada space in this week’s Brooklyn Paper:

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