BHB One Year Ago: Curious, Aren’t You?

BHB March 19, 2007: The mysterious “partners” who own and operate Corner of Cranberry have fired their first salvo in the rebirth of the location formerly known as Spanish themed restaurant Aficionada.

On Sunday, BHB spotted a small sign in the papered-up windows of the restaurant begging the question to passersby “curious, aren’t you?” Read more

Update: Oven and Busy Chef are nearing their first anniversary, with BC opening another outlet soon on Court Street.

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  • jen

    Ugh. Why are any of their places still open? And I think I read here that Busy Chef is expanding to Court St? Busy Chef has the worst food and sometimes even MOLDY. I tried Oven and it was awful. I am not going near their wine bar – I overheard the manager at Oven say it was their sister place and so am staying far away. Who is keeping these below standard places open?



  • Nahright

    I was wondering how long it would take for this skank to show up.


    and which skank would that be?

  • bongo

    I fail to see what caribbean dance music has to do with any of these restaurants (sic).

  • Joe

    I walked by the other night and I was shocked, shocked to see people in both oven and in busy chef. Oven was almost half packed. I would like to say it was mostly out of town people eating there but I recognized a couple of people from the neighborhood so I guess there are people who actually like and eat at these two places.

    BTW Lassen and hennings sometimes have moldy food as well. I still eat there but I no longer ask for the free bread with the soup. Also it may be just me but I feel like their quality went down in the 6 years I’ve been living in BH.

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    Mr. Joe Lassen and Hennings and Busy Chef are owned BY THE SAME PEOPLE.

  • Charlie Sahadi

    I don’t think they’re related Jonas.
    Lassen, Monty Q’s, and Court Order are owned by the same people, but the Cranberry spots have their own entrepreneur.

  • Tim N.

    No, not really.

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    Aha! Well I was close.

  • jen

    Personal attacks don’t make the food good, unfortunately. If only…

  • Henry-ette

    The wine bar, I have to say, is OK and (in my opinion) a good addition to the nabe. Busy Chef? Not so much. I can’t believe there’s going to be another one. Why? How?

  • Henry-ette

    The wine bar, I have to say, is OK and (in my opinion) a good addition to the nabe. Busy Chef? Not so much. I can’t believe there’s going to be another one. Why? How?

  • cranberry

    Why is that loser “chef” still around…I got all excited when the rumor that he took the money and ran was going around. Alas he’s back to doing what he does best…walking back and forth and talking on his cell phone.


    i agree. and it kills me that he has a new location opening on court st. do people really fall for his act??

  • Anonymous BH Resident

    Say what you will about Busy Chef and Oven, but don’t knock the Wine Bar. The food is delicious, the wine selection is varied and of great quality, the staff are all charming and attentive, and the ambience delightful. It’s the best thing to open in and happen to this neighborhood this year, and thus I go at least once a week.


    oh don’t worry, i’m not knocking the wine bar as i have yet to try it (mainly because i am very much against the ownership). but as for busy chef and oven, i really don’t have anything positive to say about either one (and yes i have been to both), especially when it comes to their ‘chef’, dan…

  • anon

    Is UWS (Upper West Side?)

    You should spend more time in Brooklyn, and check your facts. Mariam Curuthers is the chef at the wine bar.

  • anon

    And Emma Pichardo is the chef at busy chef, and Andrea Vargus is the chef at Oven, so why don’t you….


    yes yes i know, note that chef was in quotes. dan spends so much time bragging about his talents and blah blah blah…calls himself a chef…

  • tina

    dear anon – you should get all of your facts right too
    yes you are right those people are the chefs at the places you mentioned -but- dan is their boss the “head chef ” if you will – so all the food that is brought into those places and everything that is made must be approved by dan
    my point being – you could have the most talented people in the world cooking for you – but if the person behide it (dan) -the person in charge is a complete lying moron it wont be any good. get my point dan stinks !!!!! and he is just a mean person – and thats why we shouldnt give him our money!!!!!