Eagle: Busy Chef Empire

The Brooklyn Eagle reports today on the planned 111 Court Street location of NoHe’s Busy Chef. The article mentions that during renovation of the store, workers uncovered many original architectural details. There’s also an outdoor patio, which begs the question is Busy Chef a fancy 7-11 or bistro?:

Brooklyn Eagle: Court Street’s Busy Chef: The new location will serve as the central quality-control kitchen for the expanding Busy Chef empire. Already, there are stores planned for Chelsea and Fort Greene, to compliment their thriving outpost in the North Heights, on the corner of Cranberry and Henry streets. For those fortunate enough to frequent this place, you know of what we speak: a wide and tasty variety of homemade style entrees, salads, wraps, soups, and sandwiches that are reasonably priced — basically, the food you’d cook yourself if you had the time (or in some cases the skill). And the service is all about making you the customer happy and satisfied.

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  • http://brooklynheightsblog.com Qfwfq

    Is that a news article or a press release?

    “Busy Chef” is very good at handling the media. Must be the more than 10 years experience working as a client relations team manager for PriceWaterhouseCoopers.


    so does that mean DK is no longer ‘working’ at the busy chef and oven locations in brooklyn?

  • Jingles

    i see him there all the time… very hard working

  • cranberry

    He is still there …on Sunday night I saw him outside working hard at berating a female cook on the sidewalk outside the “wine bar”. She was sobbing. He seems like a really nice guy.


    he’s a ‘gem’, or so i’ve been told…

  • elvis III

    Does BC ever seem busy? When I’ve walked by it, it seem not but I might just not walk by at the right times.

  • nabeguy

    I’ve always stayed in the background on the subject of BC’s quality since it first opened and they tried to sell a cigarette-butt-sized “spring roll” to my wife for $3.00, at which point I decided they wouldn’t be getting any of my business. However, last week, my wife decided in a moment of weakness (and ignorance of the posts on this blog) to give them a chance and bought their “chili bean ” stew, which she put in our fridge. Not knowing where it was from, I tried a spoonful of it before noticing something white on the inside rim of the container. MOLD! Talk about gagging me with a spoon! It certainly explained the “tangy” flavor that I couldn’t quite identify.
    When I returned to the store with it, I was told that DK was next door cooking (they said he wasn’t) but the most interesting thing was the reaction of the BC staff. One just looked at me with a glum face and a zipped lip as if he had heard it all before, and the other tried to take it from me so he could “throw it out for me”. More like disposing of the evidence, if you ask me. I dont know what the rules are in NYC pertaining to “fresh” packaged foods, but I’ll never, ever buy it from any store, whether it be BC or the even the Gourmet Garage, unless there is some kind of date stamping on the packaging. Who the hell knows (including the staff) how long that stuff was on the shelf?

  • Jingles

    That mold is aged Kobe beef. You clearly don’t have a refined palette. ; )


    why does that not surprise me…

  • Jingles

    if they’re expanding they must be good. you’re all h8ters

  • nabeguy

    Yeah, they’re expanding…like a virus.

  • game over

    just cause he is expanding does not mean he is good –
    it just means he was able to borrow enough money to open more places
    the place is crap and you know it !!!!!!
    and dan is a loser and you know that too !!!!!

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    @game over: why are you such a hat8r?

  • anon

    Game Over,

    How high and drunk were you at 2:00am? It’s time to stop.

    A concerned friend


    game over –

    i couldn’t agree more…

  • Spy in the Making

    so, who the hell is this dan guy??? is he the biggest asshole on the block or what? not only does he overcharge his customer’s credit cards (yes, I was the victim and there have been many others). ive become friendly with one of his staff who told me that he bounches checks left and right and that distributes call ALL THE TIME raging because he either refuses to pay the bill or he pays them with checks that have insufficient funds. WTF??? maybe someone should pay ronald mcdonald a call since their part of the chain gang. I’m sick of this shit. I’m giving their Boston team a call.



    i suggest that whoever has concrete proof of something dan has done or said or stolen (i.e. receipts, bounced pay stubs, etc.) visit the above link and start filing complaints with the better business bureau. it might be a start…
    believe me, i would do it myself just based on what i hear about dan and what i hear from people who have had direct experiences dealing with him, but i’m not sure how far my compliant would get without a paper trail…
    good luck! keep me posted on this fiasco!

  • Peter

    I would not eat there anymore a neighbor of mine got food
    poisoned very shortly after eating there ! there are much better places in the area.