Cranberry Comedy Continues

cc.jpgChristie Rizk unveils the identity of the mysterious Cranberry Corner “partners” as well as their plans for the shuttered Aficionada space in this week’s Brooklyn Paper:

And now Aficionada has shut down (no surprise there, frankly. It was billed as a Spanish restaurant, but served more Mexican food than anything else).

So what did the owners of these establishments do to drum up business for themselves? They joined forces and created a Web site. With menus.

You are forgiven if you haven’t bookmarked it yet.

Chris Fehlinger, Maestro’s general manager, tried to explain the idea behind glomming together an “American bistro” with an ice cream shop and a Spanish place to rake in the customers.

“The three restaurants used to be one huge place,” he said. (Oh yeah — Chez Henry.) Maestro and Aficionada are co-owned by nabe attorney Alan Young, who is also partners with Blue Pig owner Julia Horowitz in another venture, Cranberry Place, the kiddie-party-place-by-day-wine-bar-jazz-lounge-by-night right across the street. (This gets more incestuous than an Appalachian family reunion.)

The problem is being partly solved by turning Aficionada into a pizza place (and changing its name). There’s an unused space in the restaurant that would be great for a pizza oven, and they wouldn’t need to use Maestro’s kitchen — or not as much.

It’s still unclear as to how the Web site is going to help business, though. Perhaps, like Simon and Garfunkel, the cast of “Friends” and Germany, we’d all be better off if the three spaces reunited.

After all, wouldn’t it be more efficient if, say, Maestro and the restaurant formerly known as Aficionada devised a menu together and, oh, I don’t know, served desserts provided by the Blue Pig?

It sure would beat all the finger-pointing going on.

Now anyone who can drop a hillbilly reference into a story about Brooklyn Heights will always be a friend of ours, but Christie can’t you give BHB credit where credit is due:

“The problem with Aficionada was that it wasn’t as focused as it needed to be,” says Fehlinger. But isn’t that Maestro’s problem as well? Brooklyn Heights bloggers recently ridiculed the restaurant as “American Bistro in a French Country–style restaurant with an Italian menu, California wine list, and a Wall of Tea.”

No hard feelings, after all we’re just “bloggers” with “day jobs” but a little love (and our address – wouldn’t hurt either. (In return, Christie, “Robot” beer is on us at the March 7 Dick Swizzle trivia night at Magnetic Field if you’re up for it!)

Wait! Did we just read the Aficionada is going to become a PIZZA PLACE! Half a block away from Fascati and a stone’s throw away from Grimaldi’s? Are “the partners” insane?!

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  • Claude Scales

    As a native of Appalachia, I am duly offended by Ms. Rizk’s snide reference to incestuous reunions.

    Oh, for the long-lost Bluegrass Fridays at Capulets on Montague.

  • Qfwfq

    Oh, that’s cold…we have (pseudo)names! We’re not Brownstoner, but c’mon…

    Let me just echo the mind-boggling decision to put a PIZZA PLACE in that spot…right by Fascati’s…

    Let me propose the radical idea that the space should be anything BUT a restaurant. That stretch of Henry Street has enough of them, varying degrees of quality aside. At least make it a coffee shop or something.

  • Homer Fink

    I stand by my idea to make it an entire store full of ATMs. Nothing but ATMs. NOTHING.

  • C. Rizk

    You’re absolutely right Homer. I should have been more specific. After all, you do run a great blog.

  • e

    Recent reader, first-time poster… The reference to Dick Swizzle got me thinking. Are there any decent general quiz nights at any decent bars around BH? (Swizzle seems like more of a show than a quiz night.)

  • anonymous

    Last Exit on Atlantic does a good quiz night. You can check out the website at It is pretty good. Also, I went with my girlfriend to Food Maestro. The food was good. It was solid. Nothing amazing, but it seems like a place to get a good meal. Also, the wait staff was excellent and completely accomidating going as far as letting us sample some wine before settling on a choice.

  • hildabooze

    They have a Ye Olde Bar Trivia contest at Ceol at Smith and Warren on Tuesday nights starting at 8:30