Your Weekend Subway Clusterf… er, “Advisory”


Brought to you by the MTA Subway Weekend Service Advisory, which I could describe as byzantine if it wasn't so unfair to the Byzantines.

The 2: There will be no Manhattan/uptown service at Hoyt and Clark Street stops in Brooklyn, and Wall, Fulton, and Park Place stops in Manhattan. Hoyt and Clark Street regulars will just need to make the trek to Borough Hall. Now here is where it gets funky: The uptown 2 is actually running on the 4/5 track between Nevins (Brooklyn) and 149th Street (The Bronx), along the east side of Manhattan. The Joke: So how do you get to the regular 2 west side stops of Manhattan if it is running on the 4/5? The Punchline: Transfer to the 5 at Bowling Green. 

The 3: After hearing about the above changes, the 3 decided to skip all stops between 14th Street in Manhattan and New Lots Avenue in Brooklyn this weekend. Don't worry, the 4 will be making all 3 stops to New Lots Ave.

The 4: Uptown trains just running local between Brooklyn Bridge and 125th Street in Manhattan, but you should be used to that by now.

The 5: At Bowling Green, the 5 becomes the 2, and the 2 becomes the 5. The 5 will run on the 1/2/3 line, and the 2 will run on the 4/5/6 line. "How" you ask? MAGIC! It's all an illusion!

The A: Brooklyn-bound A trains skip High Street, as well as Broadway-Nassau, Chambers, Canal and Spring streets in Manhattan. That's because the Brooklyn-bound A is running on the F line between West 4th Street in Manhattan and Jay Street in Brooklyn. The MTA advises taking the Brooklyn-bound A to Jay Street, then transfer to a Manhattan-bound A for High St. I advise get some exercise with a brisk walk from Jay Street.

Also, the uptown A skips Spring, 23rd, and 50th streets in Manhattan, but you don't want to get off at those stops — you'll just get yourself into trouble.

The C: Not running. At all. Again. This will continue until March 12th. According to the MTA, the A will be making all the local C stops. 

The D: The MTA continues to screw everyone between Stillwell Avenue and 36th Street in Brooklyn. The Manhattan-bound D will run on the N line between those stops. Consult their Service Advisory for alternative routes then decide it isn't worth the trouble.

Stay in Brooklyn. It's much more fun here. 


Photo via Kathryn on Flickr

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  • sps

    You might have mentioned this awhile back, but I don’t feel like searching at the moment, but the F line service changes for the past 7 weeks have been a pain in the a$$. I switch at Bway/Laf for the 6 a lot because I go to 14th and Astor place (trader joe’s, my gym). Getting to/from Manhattan on the weekends was a joke and I was constantly walking to my place in DUMBO from High Street during the worst of cold snap. So yeah, BH residents, enjoy…at least the temps are inching back up….

    It could always be worse…I could live in the suburbs and have to buy a car….

  • Mary

    what about the A skipping High St/Brooklyn Bridge. It was a pain in the neck having to go to West 4th, just to get a train heading back into Brooklyn! How was this missed on the service advisory mentioned above?

  • Homer Fink

    Mary — the A skipping High Street is in the story.